The Unbeatable Korg KORG TR61

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Why should you choose the Korg KORG TR61? For decades, Korg has worked to be on the fore front of sound synthesis. It has done so by developing the cutting edge sounds, the instruments, the processors, and other tools that are used for high-level music production. The concept of the keyboard-based music workstation was drafted and perfected by Korg. Now Korg has worked to create a fresh, new workstation for the little guys, the Korg TR61workstation.Korg TR61

The TRITON workstations have done so much as to set the standards for professional music production worldwide. Its sounds permeate contemporary music which makes it so hard for it to overstate its influence.

The Korg TR61 workstation has been designed to be both powerful and affordable. It works to put the creative power of Korg’s most advanced sounds as well as the synthesis within the reach of the semi-pro musicians and the part-time producers who work in home studios across the land.

A TRITON in black

Korg TR61 draws heavily on the workstation. It is also an updated Le. Under the TR hood there is a TRITON engine that Korg refers to as Hyper Integrated synthesis and is also known as the TRITON sound. Most of its control layout comes from the TRITON Le’s comprehensive effects. There is a 16-track sequencer. KORG TR61 is embedded with a superb quality of sound, a factor that has made the TRITON such an amazing success.

The TR improvements appear to be very subtle while written on paper, but prove to be very important when experienced. There is a USB MIDI connection and an SD slot embedded on this instrument which has made the connectivity and the compatibility an up-to-date version with an affordable, ample storage.

Korg TR61 has been designed with a whole load of great sounds such as best picks from TRITON, Korg classics and a lot of fresh new stuff from the Korg designers. All of these include extreme sounds for the techno-groove production as well as current dance. There is a 64 MB worth of the PCM data in all and at the same time twice as much sonic power of the original TRITON and Le models.

What is most notable is the stereo of the Korg TR61with a velocity-switched acoustic grand, all of which was derived from the same sampling as for the uber-Oasys. Some of the electric gadgets have been upgraded to awesome expressive versions such as the pianos, woodwinds, and the nylon guitars.Korg TR61

There are up to 500 multi-samples, over 500 drum, many programs, and percussion sounds that enable the Korg TR61 to give you amazing sounds to work with. You can expand your sound options by extensively editing and storing your sounds or rather compositions. It is also possible to add more options in case you are hoping to achieve great music.

From the studio to the stage

Aside from being designed with very powerful tool which is capable of professional quality production, the Korg TR61 is also a monster stage. It is very portable and fast enough when on its feet in live performance. All this is possible once you have had your sounds tweaked as well as organized and the sequences set up. Having the many real time controls allows it to be expressive and at the same time dynamic.

The arpeggiator on the Korg TR61 take the performances a notch higher by adding another dimension. Actually when it comes to TR61, there are two separate arpeggiators making possible the arpeggio harmonies or even the counterparts. It is possible for one to choose from pre-made patterns, so that you can program your own, get to tweak them in all kinds of ways, and then play them back in choice that is of five pattern modes; up only, up and down, random and much more.

When it comes to playing the arpeggio on TR, all you need is your finger. There is no need for full chords. Also, the RPPR function which is the Realtime Pattern Play Record allows you to record and at the same time playback short loops on the fly while arranging them across a wide range of keys for instant access. Talk of boosting your live performances for a better show. Korg TR61 works really hard to take your stage performances a notch higher, without having to hide in the house while composing your music and storing them without performances.

Studio onboard

The sequencer that has been embedded on the Korg TR61 is from the TRITON. The sequencer is made central to its use as a workstation. It is possible for one to sequence in real-time or step-entry modes. You can also create complex compositions and then hone them to detailed perfection by the help of the 16-track and plenty of room. Korg TR61 can also Korg TR61be used to capture ideas at the moments of inspiration in a very fast and simple way.

By the help of its in-built song templates as well as the pre-made rhythm tracks, it is possible for you to use the sequencer to flesh out song ideas very fast and at the same time efficiently. Composing tracks is made easier since you get a vast pool of ideas on how to go about it without worrying that it may not come out as you have planned.

With the TR work station you can access all the sounds, the editing capability and the sequencing power which will in turn help you create finished compositions and also be able to work on them to polish them to the required perfections. It is also used to capture ideas while the fire burns as a creative speed-tool.

The Korg TR61 workstation works as a standalone production studio and at the same time serve as a controller in most computer set-ups. It will also work to be one of your on-stage axes whenever you have a gig or a show. However, no matter how you use it Korg TR61 will always make your music sound so amazing without having to cost you much. In a nutshell, it is very affordable.

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