Attractive and Stylish Red Korg Keyboard

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Tired of black? Do you want a red Korg keyboard? The most common fancy look of any keyboard is a finish with black or red color. With Korg, red comes out sleek. It is so cool you can carry the keyboard anywhere. The good thing is that, when it comes to these colors there are many types of keyboards with such finish increasing the range of preference. For instance; you may want a specific make, with red finishing, most of them are usually available. Therefore, you do need to worry about missing the red on the keyboard you love the most. Some of which include:

Korg Krome – a red Korg Keyboard that is stylish and professional

 red Korg keyboard

The word to best describe Korg Krome when in front of your audience is strong impression. That is what you are likely to achieve with it. Korg Krome is elegant with a curvaceous profile and it comes in three major colors mostly red. You can work with it whether it is on stage, off stage (that is at home), it can be on the go or even on top either way, it is one heck of a design one can never go wrong with. It is a new standard for the sonic excellence in a gigging musician’s keyboard which helps provide limitless palette of sounds. This in turn works to bring vivid inspiration to your music. If anything your expectations are redefined since the keyboard itself is quite spectacular and the red finish compliments it. You can work with your keyboard from home or even on the stage anywhere and still be okay with it.

Korg SV-1

It is one of the limited models in black but with red accents which makes a lot more stylish and at the same time passionate. It features a modern unique color scheme with black keys and red accidentals. It is well crafted with every detail in mind, starting from the red vacuum tubes and panel LEDs to the new black knob heads and the sides with a matte finishing. The whole design is very unique and very elegant when it comes to stage appearance. It is quite desirable and playable.

This keyboard has been housed in a sleek, curvaceous body. It brings out the classic red Korg keyboard color embedded on most elegant keyboards. Although it has a smooth black finish, there is still the red appearance on it. It is one of the best options for those who love a touch of black and mostly red.

Korg Kross 61

Just like black and white blends, so does black and red. Korg Kross is one of the keyboards with a red and black color blend. It has been designed with a stylish and distinctive two-tone red red Korg keyboard (2)and black color. Creatively colored and designed, ensures that a powerful presence is projected. This works well on stage performances or anywhere else. The top appears to be black but the rear and the side panels as well are visibly and boldly colored red. There are two models which feature different design concepts. One is a 61-key model and is designed for mobile use, while the other one is an 88-key model, very sophisticated in terms of design and at the same time looks very good on stage. They are lightweight, which means they are very portable when it comes to moving from gig to gig. So if you are looking for your red and black blend, this one will work for you.

Korg Kross 88 Red Korg keyboard workstation

Korg Kross 88 comes as a powerful replacement for the X50 and the KROSS 61 as well. It is one of the keyboards you can use for composing songs that will enable you up your stage performances as well as your street performances. Apart from its distinctive features, with specs and styles that set it apart from others, it is also embedded with amazing red or black finishes. The design is quite sophisticated one might say but it is surely a keyboard they might find most convenient to carry around for purposes of stage performances and other performances such as gigs. The front has a very sleek black color while the back is a very bold, red color scheme. The blend works out for many. Its design as you may very well know differs a bit with Korg Kross 61, when it comes to serving the purpose of function but they are almost alike when it comes to the physical appearance.

Therefore if you are looking for the red-black blend then, you might just want to look for the Korg Kross 88 or Korg Kross 61.

Korg Krome 61

Every history on the Korg Krome series is considered a rich history. They always spring out with carefully selected designsred Korg keyboard to wow the keyboard lovers, not only by their amazing features but also with their physical appearance. In short, you will not only marvel at the top sounds available for the essential keyboard instruments but for the finishes if red is the color you most certainly look for when buying a keyboard. For most Korgs, the red color scheme is found on just a few of the features for instance; a keyboard featuring a black appearance and red keys or accidentals on it. This gives it the most amazing blend there is; black-red or red-black.

However, in this case, the whole keyboard is red. Guess they would call it red Korg keyboard. It features some grey or whitish color on the side but the rest is the red color scheme. Any kid would love a keyboard like that. It makes playing keyboards quite interesting, one must say. Also for those who love the red color, they wouldn’t find it difficult at all to carry it around form gig to gig, or even go for stage performances. It completely displays the red color which most may look for.

Red is quite likeable if you do not think of associating it with the superstitious danger sign. It blends with most of the colors and it would very much compliment your keyboard without the need to add some doll like sticker. So if you are the red type and you are looking for a red Korg keyboard then here is the place to look at.

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