The Korg x88-key Kronox

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With years and years of continuous innovations and inventions, Korg continues to take over the world of keyboards with amazing features. The introduction of Korg x88-key Kronox has the latest 88 keyboard building a legendary music workstation with the best features. The new keyboard provides a larger SSD for more storage. 2GB of RAM with fast and direct access to more of your sonic arsenal and helps get rid of long loading moments. It is preloaded with O.S V 2.0 into EXS libraries which can be played via the internal SSD.

Korg X88

Advanced Features of Korg X88

The Kronos X music workstation is designed for live performing and artists creating in a studio or use of computer based production environment. It contains new additions such as gig-ready sound, set list mode and Korg’s smooth sound transition feature together with Korg’s final RH3. It has sequences with 16-track MIDI, 16 audio tracks, Korg’s open sampling system, hi-fidelity effects. KronosX relays Korg’s founding dream that is the technologies drive synth engines to provide astounding results. Some worth mentioning are VMT (virtual memory technology), CTM (component modeling technology), physical mode link, digital synthesis, wave sequencing, MDS (multidimensional synthesis) and more. For more feature of Korg X88 read further.

Kronos X contains distinct sound engines, where each is worthy of separate product in its own right and brings them all together into a single, integrated musical instrument. Dynamic voice allocation allows all sound engines to smoothly share a table and enhance hardware platform.


The piano sound engine offers two distinctive grand pianos, the rich German D piano and the robust Japanese C model. Each piano uses unlooped stereo samples, each sampled at 8velocity levels. Attention to detail preserves the realism and warmth of the piano.


Korg’s EP-1 system is dedicated to designing 6 of the most popular classic electric pianos. The multidimensional synthesis (MDS) technology emits the transition between velocity switched seats and does away with the unnatural behavior of looped samples. It provides the user with control over the tunes, reeds and noise elements that make up the electromechanical instruments.Korg X88

The MDS sounds respond smoothly to subtleties of the player’s keyboard touch and this delivers a dynamic range so that climatic effect of passages is preserved. Each of the 6 electric PUA models provide simulations of period amp, cabinet, speaker and the vintage effects that give the original instrument their distinctive sound.

MOD-7 Wave shaping VPM Synthesizer

This machine offers classic FM keyboard, bells and bases to rhythmic soundscapes and epic pads. Combines stages of filtering, wave shaping, ring modulation and also uses samples like the FM modulate, patched at one’s own liking.

Al-1 Analog Synthesizer

It has a high analog modeling sound engine that was featured on the Korg’s OASYS (the open architecture synthesis) studio in 2005. The ultra-low oscillators recreate all the power and glory of true analogue synthesis without unwanted artifacts. Resonance model lets you choose between classic filter sound and the flexible multi filter allowing you to create your own hybrid filter shapes.


The MS-20 unified q 37- note keyboard with vertically oriented control panel is easily obtained by extravagant furniture-sizes synthesizers. It reproduces the ms-20, expanding its patch panel functionality. Even without the patch panel, the system would make waves with its aggressive tone.


It first appeared in 1981 offering six-voice polyphony program memory and a competitive price tag. Has self-oscillating four pole filter, smooth analog oscillator, sub oscillator and the chorus effect.


It went on sale in 1980. KORG technology has been used to reproduce the vacuum tube amp, the chorus effect and the rotary speaker.


It has HD-1 definition synthesizer, flagship PCM, sampling and wave sequencing sound engine. Korg’s SSD and virtual memory technology (VMT) gives the HD-1 access a much bigger sample set, gigabyte in size that could be normally stored using internal memory. Samples provided by Kronos X is unparalleled by hardware synthesizers and is perfect for film, video and sound effect work. Wave sequencing was first introduced on the KORG and is used as part of HD-1. It plays a series of samples overtime, creating distinctive rhythmic timbres. It also consists of Korg’s ambient drums. The ambient drums feature two kits, each provides three different making positions plus the individual hits.



The STR-1 plucked string synthesizer is a physical modeling sound engine that begins with highly playable sounds whose tone responds to touch in ways that are difficult for a PCM sound engine to replicate. It consists of acoustic guitar, electric guitar, harpsichord, clavinet, harps bells and other ethnic instruments. The STR-1 allows the creation of sounds that supports Korg X88physical laws but doesn’t exist in reality. One can process samples and live audio input through the physical model from any of the Kronos X effects.

 Premium Artist contributes

It is a sound engine and has been used on respective musicians to guide their sound design and create music.


It is Korg’s first featured RH3 graded hammer action 88 key board. Has a larger solid state disk (SSD), 3 GB of sampling RAM and 16-combis. It has 9 sound engines each offering unique sound creation, a virtual memory technology (VMT); aided by SSD that provides high polyphony. Has 16 part combinations that allows all engines to function together and the dynamic voice allocation keeps the polyphony high.

It has a smooth sound transition that allows sustained notes to keep sound when changing modes and has also set list mode that organizes programs and combinations and uses 16 premium quality effects at once. Has an expanded drum track for grooves and inspiration. Sophisticated karma generates variable performance driven phrases, musical effects, back up tracks to catalyze one’s creativity. Has an open sampling system for instant sampling and resampling from programs, combinations or sequences.

Talk of amazing shows, performances, gigs and also home use for composing songs anytime you wish or plan to.  With Korg X88 Kronos, you can never go wrong.
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