Korg X50 Keyboard Review

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Korg X50 key boards are well known for their simplicity. Most beginners who are looking for pianos can learn to play with Korg as it is considered a masterpiece. These keyboards have very intuitive controls. They have very authentic piano sounds and touch that make the piano experience a really nice one. Any skilled musician would completely agree more that Korg has all they could ever ask for.

The new Korg X50 music synthesizer, as introduced by Korg, may look a bit small but appears to have many features that will indeed shock you. These features make up the composition of this keyboard leaving it very comprehensive and fully functional. So the size is just an outward look.

First the size is advantage to the keyboard itself. It makes it a very portable one since it has a compact and ultra-light design. You do not need to worry about how you will manage to transport it.


512 Professional Quality Sounds

A quick preview of the features may allow you to see that it has 512 professional quality sound programs. These 512 programs use a proprietary HI synthesis system which is Korg’s that has been a standard fare in the Triton series of keyboards. Synthesizers are the most important features in the piano world. They can determine whether your piano experience turns out to be the best through and through.

You can also see that on top of the 512 sounds, the preset combination sounds that are 384, help combine elements of the 512 sound programs together in various combinations. These combinations are where each can be layered up to 8 sounds. Its X50 keyboard has been rendered as a 16 part multi-timbral sound module since its multimode sequencer allows an external sequencer to control the keyboard.

4 Separate Effects Channel

This keyboard is totally packed. When it comes to booting, a comprehensive affects the section which comes with 4 separate channels; one is for insert, another for master effects and one other for master EQ.


On the keyboard the four channel audio output is responsible for the output that comes from it. This means that when you want to separate the sound and group them to certain effects, these effects can be applied to a group of instrument sounds without worrying that they will affect the other sounds.

With 64 MB, it easy for X40 to manage the 512 sounds as well as the 384 combinations with much room to spare. This power enables you to create awesome songs that are rich in quality as well as diversity.

It is easy to transfer some of the sound patches from the TR line of keyboards into your Korg X50 since they are both compatible.

A lot of blank spots in your music can be filled by an appegiator contained by the keyboard. It can play the drums and bass while you focus on the filling in with the chords as well as the melody. By acquiring 251 additional patterns, the appegiator can be extended on the X50. However, it comes with five basic preset arpeggio patterns.

The X50 display is very intuitive. There is no need for searching a particular instrument since it organises the sound patches for you into 16 categories.

Features of Korg X50 that Create a Professional Setup

korg-x50It is easy to develop a professional setup since the keyboard synthesizer has enhanced features. These setups include the ability to send individual sounds through separate channels, which allows the sounds in groups to be processed. They can also be processed separately with EQ since it allows for the application of the surround sound.

When it comes to using a MIDI interface, a USB connection is all you need. X50 synthesizer provides a USB port that creates a MIDI connection to your computer. There is no need to connect your MIDI to your computer.

It is easy to sort, store as well as organise your music with a librarian feature. X50 has a 16 track multimode sequencer which makes it easy for you to review a safety keyboard by creating rich compositions or arrangements.

However the X50 comes only with 64 notes of polyphony, which should be upgraded to 128 notes due to its magnitude. It very comprehensive and full featured, which is why it should not be limited to 64 notes.

Why should you buy Korg X50 ?

Korg is one of the best brands of pianos worldwide. The point is not whether to buy it; it is why you should buy it.

First Korg X50 is very light and can be carried anywhere. korgThis increases its flexibility to be played any place. You can play it in churches, in shows, or even at home. Imagine being able to carry an almost ordinary piano with features that resemble a grand piano. The experience is wonderful and with each performance it just keeps getting better and better. It can never go wrong.

Second is that this keyboard is not affected by any unreliable power supply whatsoever. So you do not need to worry that you might be playing then suddenly everything stops working due to a power surge. Also with two power supplies, remember it can be plugged in anywhere in the world without much hassle. These features are the reasons why you should buy this keyboard.

Korg X50 as a Korg keyboard is well known for its synthesizers as well as its workstation. It is also considered as one of the best quality digital piano, better than any brand so far. Its features are precise, well defined that produce the best sounds.

Buy Now the Korg keyboardsWhen it comes to pianos, Korg X50’s product offering is very huge. The brand itself has good quality pianos that cater a vast number of piano players. It is one of the best pianos available and with its clean looks and nice clear sound it is indeed an indication that it could be what you are looking for. Get yourself a Korg piano today and get to enjoy a great musical experience.

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