Korg Volca Sample

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Just as the name states, this type of Volca is a sample sequencer fit for live performance since its features allow you to edit as well as sequence up to 100 sample sounds in real time. It is quite unique with such a very powerful feature added to it or to any existing Volca setup.

The new Volca, just like any other is an improvement of the first generation samplers. It helps bring back the excitement of the first samplers. This means that any sound whether it is vocals or spoken words or ambient sound or glitches can be used as a material for your creations.

Ultra-powerful Volca sequencer

Its sequencer is very intuitive, very powerful and very well equipped with superb improvisatory potential making it fun to use. When it comes to records and play backs the motion sequencer has it covered by recording and playing back up to 11 parameters. It is easy to insert and remove steps, with the active and step jump functions. With the swing function, you are capable of generating grooves.

Volca has a very powerful and a very great-sounding Analog Isolator. Also, with it is an awesome reverb effect.

Volca sample new functions

With Volca sample functions such as recording, managing and downloading samples from volca sample’s dedicated IOS app, have been made a lot easier making your musical experience an awesome one.Korg Volca sample

It is quite possible to create your own tools with the interface that you design for your platform since it has KORG SYRO library included in the SDK. Dynamic performances are made very possible due to the song mode. Sampled sounds can be played backwards by the reverse function.

Ownership of awesome functions as found in other Volca series

Volca sample is well equipped with functions that have numerous parameters – familiar and intuitive panel layout. They are responsible for editing sounds and sequences. Its playback is well synchronized with other Volca units, DAW as well as electribe.

With a MIDI device installed in the Volca, functions such as sample trigger, sync and parameter changes are the least of your worries.

Volca sample is of compact size, easy to manage. It has a battery to power its operation and in-built speaker to enable enjoyment anywhere. Talk of mobility with a reduced need for other equipment such as speakers.

Superb sequencer to work with

With Volca sample, achieving ease of editing and insertion and removal of parts is made possible. This is one of the factors that rule it out as a fun sequencer to work with. It is filled with a potential that is of superb improvisatory.The sequencer is designed to serve this purpose. While maintaining visual confirmation of the timing notes, you can easily use the 16 step keys to enter notes in a measure. Also, it is easy to record your performance in real time.

Volca sample also allows one to store up to ten sequence patterns created, in the internal memory.

Motion sequencer records and plays back up

Motion sequencer is designed to record your knob movements such that you are able to add time-varying change to the sound. It serves as an awesome way of polishing your loops as well as offering wonderful yet highly original live performances. Also, the knob movements that are related to sound editing are recorded allowing a sophisticated editing well known to be completely impossible for a lot of hardware samplers of this category.Korg Volca sample (3)

Active Step and Step Jump functions

Volca sample is equipped with Active Step Function that allows you to skip steps within the sequence. The Step Jump function allows one to only play the step he or she is pressing instantly. They range from short-loops to irregular rhythms while allowing dynamic performances like you were performing the sequence itself.

Swing function generates grooves

As stated, when it comes to generating grooves, the swing function works to adjust the swing playback position. This in turn develops distinctive groove dance of music styles. So in short you will be able to shift between rushing and dragging the beat.

Using the Analogue Isolator to control the sound

Analog Isolator

Volca sample uses Analog Isolator that lets you apply powerful changes to the sound. These changes in turn help create development and breaks by working to boost or cut the low/high ranges. It is a complete feature of a frequency Isolator that is used from time to time to create numerous electronic genres and is implemented as an analog circuit which ensures that even in the flat position, the sound remains very thick.

Reverb Part

Reverb part is built-in for each part and its effect can be switched on/off. The isolator and reverb can very well work together to enhance your live performances. You also get privileges such as cutting the low range and letting it fly.

Song mode for more dynamic performances

Song mode is featured in volca series. It is easy to save up to six patterns combining up to 16 sequences. Unique performance possibilities to Volca Samples are made possible. This is so due to the ability to access quite a wide range of samples. For instance, it is easy to play back together with another volca unit that has been synchronised while in the meantime changing the rhythm pattern of the volca sample.

Reverse function

For the sample reverse playback, hip-hop provisions have been made. Also you can turn it on/off on their own without one having to depend on each other.Korg Volca sample (2)

New functions only on the volca sample

Dedicated iOS app

Volca samples have an IOS app that lets you load your very own original samples, aside from the 100 preloaded samples.

Audio pocket

This device enables you to carefully program your Volca memory with audio samples originating from the following:

  • The app
  • Your computer
  • Factory pre-sets.

Volca sample is one of the Korg Volca series with quite a number of features that make it what it is. These features make it suitable for use in many place especially at gigs. Volca sample is the ideal keyboard for a good live performance.

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