Korg Volca Kick Synthesizer

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What if I told you that you would get a kick out of the Korg Volca Kick synthesizer? Would you believe me? Music is known to carry with it deep meaning and emotions. Though words do play a part in the two, it is the instrument’s sound that plays a greater role. For instance, plays that were accompanied with acoustic piano sounds used to attract huge crowds in the past.

Moreover, modern bands can’t do without a keyboard not only when performing but also during their practices. When a keyboard becomes a necessity, then you should invest in a quality piece. Topping the list of keyboards that have been sought after by thousands of customers is Korg. While Korg is a general term that refers to a huge collection of sound instruments, pick a Korg Volca Kick Synthesizer for memorable music.

Korg Volca Kick synthesizer

Features of Korg Volca Kick Synthesizer keyboard

Massive toms, basses’ and kicks

Have you ever wished to have a keyboard that is totally independent of other sound instruments? For instance, you want a keyboard that does not always rely on an amplifier to produce quality sound output. Well, Korg Volca Kick synthesizer is the piece that you should have. It has been developed to produce massive basses’ and toms that would have been boosted by an amplifier earlier. Moreover, it has the ability to produce massive kicks to fit your specifications.

All you have to do is master your art of play since you are the sole creator of the toms or kicks. To help you find the perfect balance, simply do a lot of practice before going public with a single play.

True analog oscillator

An oscillator is considered as the heart behind any music’s life. Just to ensure your sounds are not short-lived, Korg Volca Kick synthesizer comes with a true analog oscillator. Once you lay your hand on the oscillator and study its extent of excellent performance, you are set to take your sounds a notch higher. Moreover, it comes with a drive that works hand in hand with ms-20 resonator circuits in shaping any sound so developed.

Chromatic sequencing

If you take the time and ask keyboard players questions on chromatic sequencing, you will be surprised with their feedback. Most of them will point out that few keyboards such as the Korg Volca Kick synthesizer have the ability to play a sound then sequence it chromatically. Korg Volca Kick synthesizerWhile this is true, it is the secret recipe that Korg included in this model to ensure every user gets a perfect product.

Self-oscillating filter

Did you know that the performance of your filter is reflected on the sound produced? Yeah. If your filter is poor then your kicks and basses will be poor too but if it’s great, then your kick sound will be powerful. This keyboard comes with a self-oscillating filter that is sourced from ms-20. You do not have to rely on the old sound generation that was related with typical sine waves.  With such a filter in place, you can produce a crisp bass sound that is detailed with complex overtones or even generate powerful kick sounds that are likened to a solid drum.

16-step sequencer

There are some keyboard players who are considered to be great at live performances. Though their keyboard expertise is behind their greatness, a keyboard’s sequencer also counts. Korg Volca Kick synthesizer comes with 16-step sequencer that works alongside a Touch FM feature. It is this Touch FM feature that is behind the one-touch variation of sequences. Moreover, it’s the one responsible for time variations that are behind any live performance due to their potential.

A number of keyboard tutors will take you through a number of practices that will help in improving your work with a sequencer. Upon practicing a number of times, you should be in a position to rock a crowd to their satisfaction.

Pattern chain function

Once you lay your hands on the Korg Volca Kick synthesizer, you will need to practice some of the stuff you have been hearing that other keyboards do. For instance, you will need to connect to successive playbacks or even a number of multiple sequence patterns. Since this is possible, you will even progress further and construct large-scale productions that are of different steps such as 32, 64 or 256. This is possible but only when you have joined the 16 sequences present.Korg Volca Kick synthesizer

Has own personality

Actions speak louder than words but at times a visual tour can be worth an endless description. The Volca Kick synthesizer keyboard has a great appearance that will catch your eye. As for the hardware configuration, it is a mash up of multiple Korg hardware from other keyboards. This not only gives it a unique character but also is behind the personalized user’s set up.

To ensure its performance matches its outlook, it has a sleek design that makes it a must-have for any keyboard lover. Its sets of keys are well placed and of different weights to give you a piano experience.

Audio sync connection

For a perfect match, strictly connect your Korg Volca Kick synthesizer with other Korg instruments like an Electribe or Minilogue. An audio sync connection is present to facilitate this. If there is need to connect it to a sound module, then you can do this using a MIDI or DAW controller via the MIDI connectivity jacks. Still, you will be in a position to connect your keyboard to a personal laptop when you need to upgrade it or add more sounds.

Inbuilt speaker

With the Korg Volca Kick synthesizer, there is no need to connect it to external speakers. It has inbuilt stereo speakers that are known for their quality sound. Moreover, they are clear enough for anyone to pick the faintest accompaniment.

Compact size

Volca Kick has a sleek design that allows for a compact size. If you are the keyboard player who is always on the move hopping from one stage to another performing, then the Korg Volca Kick synthesizer is what you need. It is a portable keyboard that has a battery operation to keep your performance going even when a power blackout has taken your performance under siege.

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