Korg Volca Keys Analog Loop Synthesizers

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From the keyboards monotron, monotribe and Ms-20 mini, Korg Volca keys is perfectly designed for every music lover. It is well equipped with ideal introductory synthesizers. From its name Korg Volca Analog Loop Synthesizers you can see that it is very simple and still has a very powerful polyphonic sound engine as well as a loop sequencer. Also, Korg Volca Keys has been filled with a diverse array of fast sound that will bring nothing but unlimited enjoyment. This is a trait that only analog synthesizers can create.Sound

Korg Volca Keys

When it comes to sounds, Korg Volca Keys has 3 voice polyphony and voicing function that make it a lot easier to create new and versatile sounds. The whole procedure to achieving that is quite simple. It involves the tuning of the knob to choose any of the six combinations which are – poly unison, unison ring, octave, poly ring. From there, you can add further sonic possibilities using delay for spacey synth sounds that appear instantaneous. This will come with a complete effect all together since the delay effect is known to reproduce a pitch change that occurs when time is delayed on analog echo unit.

Loop sequencing

Korg Volca key has simple loop sequencers that have been built in to enable recording 16 stops in real time. However, when one needs complex loops, overdub can be used purposely to create them, only that they cannot be played individually. Such a keyboard is embedded with eight internal memory banks from which one acts as storage for the loops for recall.korg-volca-keys

With the motion sequencer function it has been embedded with, it is quite easy for you to apply time-varying changes to your sound since knob movements are very easy to record. Why the loops? What is their importance? When it comes to your live performance, this is one of the features that you may consider as game changer since they add originality to your performance when they are enhanced. Therefore, your performance purpose has been completely taken care of.


When it comes to achieving active dynamic playback, it is important that you consider using active steps. How can that be done? You can use the flux functions to skip a few of the steps as well as play back without any quantization, which will in turn produce distinctive grooves and irregular timings.

Volca keys have many advantages. One of them being – its tuning is not irregular since it has an in built self-tuning function. Also the pitch drift problems like analog synthesizers are taken care of since they are not hindered by temperature changes or passage of time.

Another factor that makes Volca keys a sure win is, if there is proper connectivity, it is possible that the performance will be well synchronized with multiple units. It also allows a number of other functions. One is able to perform with a DAW via SYNCH jack and MIDI in port.

A Volca keys keyboard can make your work a lot easier. This applies in terms of synchronizing gadgets. Through WIST, you can note that it is quite possible for you to use synch control iPhone app to wirelessly control top tempo, swing the settings and synchronize playback with IOS music app.

Therefore, your music making passion is backed up with Volca keys. Is it possible? Yes indeed. You can power this keyboard from the battery as well as built in speaker and with all that you are capable of making music anywhere.


So, if you are that ambitious musician, this keyboard can work well for through and through.  It is the best choice on stage and off stage, in the studio or at home. With its elegant appearance and amazing finishes, there are varieties that one can choose from. Choose Korg Volca Keys analog loop synthesizers and get a chance to get your music on.

Korg B1

Korg B1 is one very smart looking keyboard. It has been designed well, mostly to suit home as well as venues. With this keyboard every player who gets a chance to do a bit of playing is left with an awesome experience all together. You feel more stable; look very elegant and very smart.

For support

Korg B1 is well known for suitability in homes and venues, and for that it tends to have many features that will leave you contented that you indeed made the right choice when buying it. It is an ideal keyboard that has support features which best suit your particular use. Korg B1 has proper balance of features. It is embedded with good maneuverability and has easy mobility when necessary. You do not need to worry about the weight it would impact on you whenever you need it moved from a corner to the other during redecoration of the room.

You can also easily attach B1 stand to the Korg B1 semi-permanent setup, no need for special setup skills. This can be very appropriate when it comes to mobility.korg-volca-keys-3 It serves purposely well as an option to moving the whole keyboard itself. After that, the process of detaching is also very easy. Therefore, you can just detach, move or shift then attach and your mobility problems are well taken care of.

Stability as a standard

Korg B1 digital piano stands contain three main parts which include outer legs and connecting board. They serve purposefully for cases of stability of the keyboard. Korg B1 key board does not wobble around since the upper support has completely eliminated that disadvantage. Therefore, for performers who love or rather enjoy vigorous performances, this will work best since they are guaranteed of complete stability.

Korg B1 is a very stable and very elegant key board making the best choice you can make. Enjoy the home key board experience with it. Korg B1 comes in black and white finishes; you can choose from. With its amazing features, it is a sure win for music lovers everywhere.

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