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If you are looking for a modern keyboard with a vintage style, you will want a Korg. Having been around since the 1960s, Korg has learned to perfect the piano keyboard. Their keyboards can take the old school style and bring it up to date.

There is no better Korg vintage keyboard than the SV-1. This sleek, black keyboard has been a favorite in the music industry since 2009. It is fully equipped with retro-style controls that will make you feel classic. It is full of multiple piano sounds, so you will never need any other keyboard. This one has it all. The sounds include a Japanese Grand Piano, a German Grand Piano, an authentic upright, and many others. No matter what sound you are going for the SV-1 can help you make it happen, and easily switch to another sound without another set up. You will love playing this keyboard.Korg vintage keyboard (3)

All in one instrument, it combines the amazing sounds of electro-mechanical, transistorized, tape-driven, analog, and early digital keyboards. Utilizing Korg’s real experience technology, you will be amazed at the sound you will get out of this machine. If you are looking for that vintage sound, then this Korg vintage keyboard is for you.

The sounds of the Korg vintage keyboard will blow you away

The SV-1 is equipped with 36 sounds from electric pianos, acoustic pianos, organs, strings, and synths that you will always have what you right at your fingertips making exactly the music you need to make. But this vintage keyboard is more than just the standard essential classic; it moves beyond to give you an experience unlike any other keyboard could offer.

Each core instrument that has been embedded into this vintage keyboard has been accurately sampled. Korg is in the game of perfection, and the sounds in this keyboard surely deliver. With high attention to detail, each instrument includes the time, key-off, damper and hammer noises at different velocities making the SV-1 the most fun to play.

The sound that the SV-1 provides is also enhanced by six separate stages of signal processing, all bypass-able. This includes:Korg vintage keyboard

  • An equalizer controllable from the front panel that allows you to shape the bass, middle and treble of the sound.
  • The pre FX, which include compression, boost, U-vibe, chorus and vibrato, tremolo, and wah. This allows you to add that vintage vide and classic effects.
  • AMP modeling, cabinet simulation and noise reduction heads and speaker cabinets are available to add color, drive and edge to your sound.
  • The modulation FX provides stomp-box pedal sounds, offering the addition of nuance and motion to the organ sound.
  • The sounds of reverb and delay are included. There are four types of reverb including room, plate, hall and spring, then additionally classic tape echo plus a tempo-based digital delay.
  • A limiter is also in the keyboard to ensure your level remains balanced across all sounds making it easy to move seamlessly between.

The interface provided in the Korg vintage keyboard is intuitive and easy to use. This means you can focus on your sound and music, rather than trying to figure out how to work the keyboard. Every essential control that you need is quickly accessible and placed in a way that makes sense to the musician. LED lights light the rotary knobs to show off their position so you always know where you stand. Equipped with easy to use car radio style buttons, you can seamlessly change between sounds and settings. Plus, you can store your favorite sounds making them even more easily accessible. And easy to set.

Korg vintage keyboard simple and easy functions

This vintage keyboard is totally retro, and its functions reflect that, all the while providing modern technology and sophistication that you expect from Korg. The bold and curvy body of this sleek black keyboard, will stand out when played in a crowd. The look of the keyboard has that retro style controls and awesome metallic red or grey key finishes. No matter which one you choose, it will make heads turn.

Easy to use and very functional, the SV-1 is equipped with all of the right connections. It has a balanced XLR and ¼ inch outputs, left and right audio inputs, MIDI in and MIDI out jacks, a USB MIDI port, and three pedal connections, which include Damper, Pedal 1 and Pedal 2. You get the Damper pedal responds to half-pedaling for an authentic piano response, giving this vintage keyboard an edge. Pedal 1 is used as a switch type of pedal and can operate as many different types of pedals depending on the sound you want. Pedal 2 can accept either a sweep type pedal or an additional switch pedal.Korg vintage keyboard

More than just a vintage keyboard step into the modern world with an extensive SV-1 editor and librarian software. This program offers graphic-based access to certain parameters not available on the SV-1’s panel. It allows each of the 36 sounds and the eight favorites that you have set on the keyboard to be saved individually, making it easy to share and swap out your favorites. With a vintage sound and look, you can take your music into the future with the SV-1.

Why Korg vintage keyboard SV-1 is the best

All you have to do is a search for this keyboard, and you will see how many musicians give it a full five stars. Many have raved about the quality and sound of the SV-1. Musicians say this keyboard is sturdy and uncompromising in the quality of its build. They also say it is easy to use, and has a great sound. Programming the keyboard is easy, and you can find all of the sounds you are looking for. The quality of sound is far above and beyond the rest. Quality of all those different sounds can be difficult to come by, but this vintage keyboard delivers it.

If you are looking for a retro sound, the Korg vintage keyboard SV-1 will definitely fit the bill.

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