Korg TinyPIANO 25 Mini Key Digital Keyboard

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If you want a keyboard for kids then the Korg TinyPIANO is the right choice. Korg has played a very important role when it comes to miniaturised music technology with its products always in the lead. For the past few years it has had a few to name such as the Nano series, as well as the micro series.  The nanoSeries range did a bit of sparking up revolution of MIDI controller design and the monotron made people realise that they have been craving for nothing but a pocket-sized analogue synth. Going down from the adult keyboards, there have been a lot of mini keyboards inventions arising. Some were meant for portability while the rest for other purpose.

Often you find that in the early stages of a kid’s development things are a bit hard to cope with. They require much attention making it hard for you to get around when it comes to performing other jobs. If that is the case then you need to worry about anything. There is a way they can get occupied doing more educative stuff. This is made possible by Korg tinyPIANO keyboard for kids.Korg TinyPIANO

With Korg the thought of a mini keyboard for children is put into consideration. TinyPIANO is a genuine toy keyboard for kids and not adults. Although it is not the only miniature piano, it represents something. For kids this is the best idea Korg has ever thought of.

Why the Korg TinyPIANO is good for your kids?

It is very simple to use. It contains 25 mini keys where any of the 25 built-in-sounds can be played through. They range from the default toy piano to organs, music, boxes, electric pianos and much more. With all these, all that matters are of the quality that is up to standard according to the toddler.

Korg TinyPIANO has 50 demo songs that are child-friendly. They have put them in different arrangements; the classical and the family favourites (very soothing to the ear and the parents will be more than glad to learn). The process for selecting the songs is quite the same for all. Start by holding down the button that is on the front panel, and then follow by tapping a key on the keyboard once or twice for the songs in order for you to choose a different one. For the tinyPIANO, unlike others, there is no screen or labelling so the kids will have to depend on their memory for them to enjoy their favourites, wherever they may be. Still you can refer to the manual since it contains a list of sounds and songs.Korg TinyPIANO

Other than the features that have been mentioned, there are more for instance: transpose and octave shift. They are not used quite often. However, they are accessed by a combination of key presses.

In matters of power usage or supply, it is important to note that though the Korg TinyPIANO looks like it is battery powered; it can be charged by directly connecting it to the mains with the aid of an adapter. The adapter is not supplied and comes in four colour options to choose from black, red, white, or even pink.

Tiny but tough

Just as the name states, tinyPIANO, may be a children designed model but it is indeed tougher than it sounds or looks. It is extremely solid and anyone can feel that it is built to last longer than it may look to some. Let the pretty colours not deceive you. Though the finish may scratch over time, it is quite heavy so there is no chance that it may be pushed over. However, it is designed for kids aged from one to three. These are considered the perfect age for tinyPIANO. If they happen to get older with the same keyboard, they will be forced to contort to the level of the keyboard.

The Korg TinyPIANO is a small, self-contained keyboard. It has many features that please both the kids and the parents. For instance, the volume is not at all that high so it is okay with many parents. While the kids are playing, they can get a lot noisy; therefore in this case you may need to connect the keyboard to an audio output. With it you have been provided a mini-jack connector. However, this will have ruled out its self-contained nature, even though it helps amplify the sound that has been droned out of the piano while the kids are playing and shouting.

Children between ages 3 and 6 are the ones who experience more fun with the tinyPIANO. Within a short time they can learn to change sounds and songs. And enjoying exploring more of the different sounds it makes. The other argument, though, is that if your kids enjoy the tinyPIANO and it inspires a love of music and a desire to play a larger keyboard as they get older, it’s done its job.Korg TinyPIANO

The good thing about it is you may not know whether the keyboard may inspire them or not. Therefore, if it does then the keyboard will have played its part in the early stages of the kid, since the keyboard itself works to instil the love of music into the kid.

Korg TinyPIANO is a very affordable keyboard, very portable. You can carry it for your kids anywhere. As for the finish, there is quite a range of kids’ colours one can choose from. It is a good start for the kid musically if you are worried about investing in it. The kid gets to learn a lot from it not only randomly pressing keys but learning how to coordinate them in manner that will create a specific tune. They themselves will have had a lot to talk about as they grow up. This is the best present for them.


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