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Talk about quality performance; Korg synthesizer keyboard delivers very unique, fat sounds. Their reputation has been good ever since the release of the MS-10 and MS-20. It has managed to maintain a dominant name in electronic music. Well just as every end must have had a beginning so does every good product have an origin? It all started as venture between a nightclub owner and an accordion player, in the year 1962 in Tokyo city, Japan. Working hard to pride itself on every innovation they have, Korg has always sort to change the face of music with the help of the pioneering concepts such as the Monotron and the KAOSS series.Korg synthesizer keyboard (2)

More so, when it comes to synthesizers, Korg has built a very good reputation of creating keyboard synthesizers that bring a very unique sound to the table. While working to maintain dominance in terms of its name that was there since the release of the MS-10, more and more innovations have hit the market. Korg covers quite a large area when it comes to synth; this is inclusive of the analog and digital areas. Korg also has sequencers, drum machines and more. You cannot miss out on anything, since there is always something for everyone.

What could synthesizers be? Some may ask. Simple; it is a  musical instrument that works on generating electric signals that are later converted to sound through the instrument amplifiers as well as the headphones or loudspeakers. Their appearance is like a small and mundane electronic piano yet they are much more than that. In case you can play a synthesizer, then you can possibly play any instrument you wish not just an instrument in the orchestra. They are very modest and very simple to learn. Every pop record these days are made with electronic keyboards of any kind.

On the Korg series of synthesizers, there is more you can learn. All their benefits are mentioned. With a little information, you can get whatever it is that you want.

Here are a few Korg synthesizer keyboards:

King Korg synthesizer Keyboard

King Korg is a very stylish synthesizer model. It comes in black among other colors. King Korg synthesizer keyboard helps you shape your sound by producing a way in which the oscillators are quite understandable and satisfying to any player whether beginner or expert and the filter that can reproduce the sound of classic instrument, can change. It can cover a very diverse range of synth sounds. Imagine getting a chance to use synth sounds you want in any live performance or even imagine being able to create a sound like the one you may have thought of in your head, replicating favorite songs or singing like the artists you admire. King Korg helps you achieve such dreams by enabling you to create such sounds using your synth any day any time. It is a full-fledged, 61-key analog modeling synthesizer which makes it fun for live performances.Korg synthesizer keyboard

King Korg has three master effects sections that work best to add the finishing touch to your sound. Each of them has six effect types. It has Vacuum tubes driver circuit that adds rich overtone and powerful distortions as well.  It offers support for the librarian software that enables you to manage programs.

For a classic instrument, King Korg definitely fits the description with its array of parameter knobs which are expressed by it. Any keyboard player, who is looking to control the sound to their heart’s content, can awaken their instincts. King Korg works best as a Korg synthesizer keyboard.

Micro KORG synthesizer

Having the same dual-oscillator DSP synthesis engine as the MS2000, micro KORG synthesizer keyboard offers a wide selection of waveform than any other model available. 71 waveforms are featured by oscillator 1. The sound generation method in micro KORG is an Analog Modeling Synthesis System which includes noise, saw, pulse and sine. They also include unique choices such as cross wave and Vox wave which when put together provide a cool selection that produces an extensive range of the timbres (synthesis program). This instrument is embedded with a 64 exclusive DWGS waveforms that enable it to reproduce a brand collection of imitative sounds. These sounds include the electric pianos, bells, guitars, basses and more sounds that may prove difficult to produce on an analog synthesizer.

It is also possible to apply from oscillator 2, Ring and Synch modulation to be able to create the kind of timbre that indicates an advanced synthesizers. There are four filter modes available which offer -12 dB (2pole) low pass, band pass, and high pass configurations together with an extra steep -24 dB (4 –pole) low pass setting.

Korg synthesizer keyboard (2)When it comes to shaping your sound, there are two classic ADSR envelope generators as well as two MIDI-sync able LFOs which provide power for that to happen. For you to be able to create advanced modulation settings, you can add a Virtual Patch matrix. This enables routing of the Mod Wheel to be able to control filter cut off or even pulse width while using an LFO to control the amp levels as well as panning. The Arpeggiator embedded in the synthesizer is of 6 types. For audio output, you can use headphones. Therefore, with these features, when it comes to performance you will achieve the best from synthesizer within your price range, at a very classy level you hope to get.

As you may be well aware; to synthesize is to make something new, by putting it together from existing pieces. This is like piecing old sounds together to make news sounds. It is important to learn different sounds more and more just so you can understand how a simple synthesizer works. Also you should get acquainted with many different instruments just so you can understand different sounds. Get yourself a Korg synthesizer keyboard and get a chance to enjoy making music at the most affordable way there is. Always know with Korg you can never go wrong.

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