What is so special about the Korg SV-1BK Keyboard?

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Have you tried the new Korg SV-1BK keyboard? To catch up with the growing demand for quality keyboards, Korg developers always have a new technology to surprise their customers with. If it’s not the Real Weighted Hammer Action key system, then it’s the Stereo Piano System. Actually, if you sampled a number of keyboards from a single series, you will notice that each one of them has a distinct feature. This distinctness is what helps differentiate Korg keyboards when looking for one to purchase. Here is a detailed review below to help you know about it.

Korg SV-1BK Keyboard

Advanced Features of the Korg SV-1BK Keyboard:

Multiple piano sounds

If you have ever heard a real German or Japanese grand piano, then you will need to lay your hands on this machine as well. Why is this so? The two pianos are considered two of the greatest instruments ever to be developed in the early ages. While developers have tried copying them to keyboards, none has done it better than Korg. Once you try the Korg SV-1BK out, you will realise the grand piano modes present. Though the two mentioned pianos are present, there are others too included in the options so you have a long list to choose from.

An experienced piano player will explain this technology as an electro-mechanized yet transistorized calculated tape-driven move to mash up both analogue and digital keyboards. However, a Korg developer will be quick to mention that it is a Korg RX technology. RX is Real eXperience in that you get a chance to play the few pianos that have been going extinct with the increase in keyboard development.

Assorted equipment

If you choose to play a keyboard, you need to look for other related equipment such as amplifier, studio stuff, pedals and speaker cabinets among others. For Korg SV-1BK, everything is inbuilt to give you an all-in-one product. There are mounted pedals while the stereo system comes with an inbuilt amplifier that works hand in hand with the knobs and buttons that give you a studio experience. Why stick to keyboards that need to be connectedKorg SV-1BK Keyboard to equipment which are all housed in a Korg piece? Now you see why this keyboard is checking out of stores pretty fast.


Placed on the control panel are equally spaced knobs. Though there are buttons too, the knobs have outnumbered them. These knobs are handy when it comes to dialling a thing or two. If you are a first time user, do not shy away since the knobs are clearly labelled with the functions designed to perform.


Have you ever tried to save your songs but there is not enough memory to hold them? It is quite embarrassing. However, with SV-1BK, you can save up to eight projects that you consider as your favourites. Moreover, retrieving them is not tough since Korg has given you a chance to customize different settings that will aid in quick recall.


There are 36 sounds present in total. Among them are string, electric and acoustic piano, organ and synthesizers. If you are trying to build a new sound from scratch, you can easily do so by combining different sounds that you feel might blend. Still, since there are saved basic beats and choruses, you can practise with them as you do some modifications to come up with new musical pieces.

Stereo system

Korg is known for its Stereo Piano System that offers great clarity of sound. Well, things are a bit different with SV-1BK keyboard. It is a unique piece in that it has a 3-way stereo version. To professional keyboard players, this is a must-have technology that guarantees you top-notch sound output.

With the 3-way stereo output, you can get to hear the reverb/delay options. This keyboard comes loaded with effects that range from plate, echo, spring, tape, and room effects to stereo delay. If you are a master at using them, then your take off to greatness is already guaranteed!!

LED lights

The knobs have interface LED lights to help you identify them when in a dark or dimly lit room. With the LED lights, you can easily pick a knob or two without any illumination on the control panel. All you have to do is fix your eyes on the control panel while playing.


Like the pedal used to be a must-have some years back, connectivity ports and jacks are the current trend. Most players need to connect their machines to different gadgets so their keyboard has to allow this connectivity. Well, Korg SV-1BK is no exception from other modern pieces since it has a ¼ input/output connecting port. Moreover, there is a MIDI jack for you if you need to import any data from your computer to your keyboard. Lastly, there is a connection point for the three pedals.korg-sv-1bk-keyboard-2

3 Tips on how to purchase a Korg SV-1BK Keyboard:

Find a reliable merchant

Since Korg keyboards are in high demand, there are many stores available both locally and online that sell these keyboards. To check if they are genuine merchants, you can ask for certifications and licences from a recognized body such as local government or manufacturer. Do not expose yourself to unscrupulous merchants.

Ask for recommendations

There are so many people you can approach for recommendations. Among them are music tutors who have tried a number of keyboards and purchased from different developers. Once you get recommendations on where to get a brand new SV-1BK, go for it.

Give it a try

How will you know if a product is as good as promised? Once you land your hands on the SV-1BK you are intending to purchase, try going through the user manual often present. If you can’t do something, ask the merchant for help.

Your music career or experience is determined by the quality of sound equipment you use. Let Korg SV-1BK keyboard be your sole musical partner.

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