Korg SP280s

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Why should you buy Korg SP280s? Korg has come a long way when it comes to making digital pianos. All of which have been very successful enough to outdo the other brands. Their inventions have evolved into more suitable models over the years. Any Korg series has a story, a modification that makes it better than it was before. With their models on the forefront of musical innovations, Korg is likely to take its production to the next. It all depends with the features and what best suits your preference as you take an interest in piano playing. These are the key things one needs to look at before purchasing any keyboard of any brand.1058683

However, in this case Korg SP280 stands out just like the rest of them. Here is a brief overview of the features it contains.

In the current time keyboards, very few have managed to deal with the portability aspect. When it comes to portability, most keyboards focus on reducing their weight by reducing the amount of space available; so they tend to miss out on a couple of things due to small space. However, with Korg SP-280, it is designed to be a very portable digital piano. It has managed to maintain all the features and sounds of any keyboard that is to be ranged at the top of all the digital pianos available.

This piano features a different shape from the old ones. It is oval in shape. This has given it a more elegant appearance than the old straight-edged pianos that are very common or rather popular.

Other features are a brief description of what Korg is all about. They are the reasons why Korg is mostly ranked the best. Feature such as the keyboard having a Natural Weighted Hammer Action technology. This ensures that there is less resistance when going up the keyboard. At all times this type of feature will help give the keyboard an acoustic grand piano feel. Also, when playing the keyboard you will notice the crisp and the clear sounds as well. This is so due to the fact that the sample is from a Steinway Piano.

The connectivity is on point just like other Korg series. Korg SP-280 has managed to acquire very basic connections with MIDI devices and all the external amplifiers. Therefore you can transfer tracks to and from the keyboard without much hustle. It has an installed powerful 22-watt dual speaker system that reduces the hustle of amplifying. In short it can do just fine on its own, unless the noise is too much.Korg SP280s

Product Features

What are the main product features of the Korg SP-280? The features are just but a few that resemble any Korg digital piano series. Those are some of the features to use when you want to rule out this keyboard as the best, but then again do not forget that in the event it has managed to achieve what most keyboards have failed: the aspect of portability. Being portable and at the same time maintaining the most important features a keyboard would need.

Those are just a few. However, if you are looking for something to help sway your options then here is what you get:

Just like the normal Korg series, this keyboard is embedded with 88-Key Keyboard with Natural Weighted Hammer Action (NH). The function is to ensure less resistance when going up the keyboard. It has a high number of polyphony-notes: 120-note polyphony.

For aspects such as portability, its light weight takes care of that. Though the keyboard tends to feel a bit normal, the heavy touch sensitive with its light weight compensate the normal. It has a total of 30 voices.

When it comes to the chorus, it has various chorus effects, reverb effect and brilliance effect. This works hand in hand with 30 demo songs that are included in the keyboard.

As for connectivity, there is MIDI in and out, which lets you share tracks and listen to the music. It has an in-built metronome and a Damper pedal. Also with the keyboard you can privately listen to your music, with the 2 headphones connectivity.  There is a line in/ out connection. With the 2 x 22W speakers, that are in-built which help to amplify the sound from the inside; therefore, there is no need for external audio output. It weighs around 41.89lbs. (19kg)

Benefits of Korg SP-280

Just like any other Korg series, this keyboard has a feature among all the features mentioned that helps it to stand out. Why is this so? With the development of the Korg series some improvements has to be throughout the years. All you need to ask yourself is if it benefits you as a user completely.

Assuming you were taking breakfast then an idea of track comes by. You may be limited with the idea of getting up and going to the keyboard station. However, with Korg SP-280, that idea has been taken care of. It portability aspect works to ensure you can create music anywhere, anytime. SP-280 also produces many beautiful sounds and is connected to 3- pedal units. The beautiful sounds are one of its advantages that people do not get to hear in most keyboards.korg-sp-280_wh

There is no built-in recording system, so you may be forced to use the MIDI connection to record songs. Still it stands out as very effective since without it you may not be able to do a thing rendering the keyboard the worst. So do not be worried that it might detract from the fact that it is an awesome digital piano. In short, combine the portability aspect with ability to record tracks and you get a keyboard that can work anywhere anytime.


All in all, Korg SP280 has been designed for every beginner pianist, intermediate pianist and professional stage musicians. They understand the true feel of a good quality keyboard. Korg SP280 is a true representation of value for money. Also, it is well known for the best sounds on any digital piano worldwide. It is affordable and available. Get yourself a keyboard and get a chance to enjoy music anywhere, anytime.Buy Now the Korg keyboards


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