Features of Korg SP250

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To remain afloat in the entertainment industry, there is more to be done by a company than celebrate its past achievements. This is the principle that keeps Korg top in the list of quality keyboards. Having been acknowledged as the best keyboard and piano manufacturer, they still focus on developing more musical pieces that have advanced technology to suit their customers. Like any other keyboard, Korg SP250 is a distinct piece developed for music lovers like you. Below is an in-depth coverage on its outstanding features.


Features of Korg SP250

Being a Korg product, it has borrowed some of its features from its predecessors. Its simple yet beautiful look is considered by many users as great and appealing. Indeed, it has a jet black finish that gives it a royal touch. If you were worried about having to change your décor because of your keyboard, then stop. It blends with any décor or interior design of the room you choose to place it in.

Stereo speakers

Available are two quality stereo speakers that enable sound output. They are connected in a unique manner to form a section of the upper side. There are two colors of speakers available so you have a choice to either customize your keyboard with grey or black speakers. As for the clarity of sound, well, you get to hear every bit of the played keys.

Control panel

Have you ever wished to be a producer? Well, the thought of listening to people is quite tough but what about the music and sound generation? Yeah. Korg SP250 has a unique control panel that gives you a feeling of being in the recording house. It is loaded with more knobs and buttons to help you out. On either sides of the keyboard is a wooden finish to give a grand piano look. Just below the control panel lays the 88 weighted keys.

Sturdy stand

For those who love to perform with a band, you got a chance to do so in style with Korg SP250. It comes with sturdy stand that is easy to assemble. This stand is fitted with tough crossbars that are laid out neatly to avoid coming into contact with a player. Moreover, the stand is well recessed for the purpose of accommodating the Korg damper pedals used with the machine. As for the damper pedal, it easily fits with the stand.korg-sp250

When an invitation to perform to corporate people strikes in, the sturdy stand will not let you down. It has an appealing look in its great structure that makes it stunning. While some people will adore its look, many of them will want to try the keyboard while on the stand.


Korg SP250 keys are unique in that they resemble the ones fitted on a real acoustic piano. Moreover, they have a Korg RH3 characteristic meaning they have Real Weighted Hammer Action. This technology or mechanism is behind the key grades. All the keys are graded uniformly treble to bass with the treble keys being light and bass ones heavy. For the veteran piano players, this gives them the real acoustic piano key touch. Most players claim to get the feeling that they are playing a grand piano. Still, if you incorporate the damper, you will get an experience few never have: Playing a Korg keyboard.

Being a modern keyboard, there is so much digital progress made than analog. So when a chance avails to hold back to an analog stuff, Korg chooses to retain the weighted keys. Actually, it’s these keys that bring the acoustic songs to life when the player hits the keys. A number of players have noted to have felt a huge difference when shifting from Korg to another keyboard.


Once you get used to your Korg SP250, you will notice that you can easily play two different tones simultaneously. This is called dual-layering. By dual-layering, you can easily know the tones that blend with each other.

Replacing the common volume knobs is a master volume slider that is responsible for controlling the sound produced. In place too is a reverb button to improve its functionality. When intending to change the touch functionality, you have three options to choose from as listed below.

  • Light Setting – This allows the keys to be extra sensitive to any light touch
  • Normal setting – The keys will respond to the standard touch
  • Hard setting – You have to give the keys a hard touch to get a loud note or response

korg-sp250-2Are you not tired of changing your hands every time you need to change the keys on your keyboard? If tired, then choose to work with a Korg SP250 since it has a transpose function. This function allows you to change the keys as you prefer without having to cross your hands.


At times you need to import data from your computer to your keyboard. Doing this is often difficult but there is an opportunity to do this smoothly with Korg stations. There is a MIDI connection point to facilitate connection to any of your foreign gadgets. Present too is a pair of audio output connections to allow connectivity to your speakers or pair of headphones. Still, there is an AC/DC point to connect your adapter if there is need to change the source of power. Lastly, there are two headphone ports neatly placed at the front part that allow connection of headphone jacks.

Most users claim to fancy the issues addressed on connectivity by Korg developers. For instance, there is always the need to import new data from a different place that will aid in improving the quality of music. Still, most players need to record or store their musical pieces in a storage device like a computer so the ports come in handy.

It is time you took your music to a higher level. It is time you replaced your other keyboard with a Korg keyboard that will not only usher a new era of music but also let your sounds be distinct and unique.

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