Korg SP170s Review

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Here is the latest Korg SP170s Review. If you have tried your hands on other keyboards or boredom has started to creep in, then shift to a Korg keyboard. Though there are lots of Korg machines, finding one that suits your needs is tough since all are good when it comes to performance. To help you out, go for Korg SP170s keyboard.

Upon landing your eyes on the masterpiece, you will fall in love Korg SP170s Reviewwith it and feel the urge to not only try it but own one. Well, your dwindling musical moods will be stirring up in a moment given the feel of the keys. Once you try it out, that will mark the start of a Korg addiction. What makes Korg SP170s unique? Below are some of its top features that not only make it outstanding among other keyboards but also are behind the top customer reviews it attracts.

Top Korg SP170s features

Added buttons

Apart from the 88 keys, there are four buttons added to it. There buttons are sound, power, Piano Play and volume knob. The four buttons come with customised uses for you to choose. For instance, if you are intending to choose any of the unique 10 tones in the Korg SP170s keyboard, all you need to do is press the sound button more than once in a repeat manner. Once you do this, you will cycle between the 10 different tones as you choose the best sound. Still, by pressing once the Piano Play button, you will instantly go to the default tones.

A pair of grand piano tones

Well, we all understand the need for a grand piano in our musical world. While Korg SP170s is not doing away with the grand piano sounds, it has included two of its great tones. First is the elegant tone best for classical while the second is the bright and clear tone. If nicely played, the two can blend into one great sound piece.


korg-sp170sIf you are looking for bold vibraphone sounds, then SP170s is the perfect keyboard for you. There are both electrical clavichord and classical harpsichord that work hand-in-hand with the vibraphone. This relation can be distinguished by the unique sound generated if played with an experienced user.

Enhanced stereo speakers

In every performance, there is always the need to hear what you are playing. If by chance you are performing to people, then you can still have them enjoy your performance without wiring any external stereo speakers to your keyboard. The Korg SP170s comes with an inbuilt stereo speaker that is enhanced to facilitate output of quality sound as played. You will not only thrill your audience but also track your musical growth.

Dual headphone jacks

If you however need to practise while playing without interfering with the peaceful atmosphere around you, then you have an option to do as you please. At the back of the Korg SP170s there are dual headphone jacks for you to plug in your headphones. If you have booked for musical classes with an instructor, then both of you can plug your headphones to keep track of your progress.

Process of shipping a new Korg SP170s

Ask for shipping details

If you are purchasing a brand new SP170s from an online merchant, korg-sp170s-reviewsthen you need to be keen on the shipping since it can affect the quality of your keyboard. For instance, you need to inquire about the mode of shipping, how the keyboard will be handled and moved to your location. If the merchant tells you that he or she is planning to ship it among other different goods without clearly notifying you on the wrapping and moving procedure, then arrange for a personalised moving.

There are plenty of keyboard movers who will ship your keyboard from the store to your location while ensuring that your piece is as intact as it was at the store. The reason to do this is ensure that the entire exterior look is free of any scratch or dent since such accidents are costly and most of them are irreplaceable.

Ask for customer testimonials

What if your merchant of choice has never shipped a keyboard before? Well, it sounds tough for you to have your piece as the shipment test. If a merchant claims to have shipped other keyboards before, then ask for customer testimonials. Find out how their keyboards were delivered and in what state. If they were intact, then you should proceed and have it shipped.

In case, they use a particular moving company, let the moving company give you customer testimonials too. If most of the customers are satisfied with the shipment done for their keyboards, then you are in safe hands.

Ask for shipment tracking information

Wait! Have you ever shipped a product and it took so long for it to be delivered? Guess you don’t want it to happen again with your Korg SP170s this time round. To know the path your shipping company uses and the time taken, you should be provided with information that will keep you updated with the shipment.

Why Korg SP170s?

korg-sp170s-reviews-sAs for those that have tried it out, they will never ditch it for another make. Having the capability to generate quality sound, you can invent a sound of your own. You are not limited to sounds but you can also generate unique beats and choruses. With its performance, you can utilize it to produce outstanding musical pieces.

With its versatile model, you can carry it to any stage and use it without any problem. Though you may involve a moving company when taking your keyboard with you to different places, you got another option. You can learn the process involved in moving a Korg keyboard and you will be doing it yourself at no charges.

Let your musical genuis be defined by the quality of musical pieces you generate with your Korg SP170s. Be an owner of a Korg keyboard and take your musical a notch higher than before by taking advantage of its unique features.

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