For the Pro in Music – Korg SP170DX Keyboard

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If some of the Professionals in the music industry use the Korg SP170DX keyboard then why shouldn’t you? From the invention of the first keyboard to the modification of the present, Korg has had a sure way of introducing exclusive musical instruments with amazing features. With a brief overview of what to expect, it is indeed true that the developments made on each keyboard are remarkable. However, in the new age, with the varieties of keyboards, so many people make a mistake as to which one suits them best. There are so many previews you can look at to know which one has the best ranked features, then go a bit further to know which one interests you more. It is all up to you.Korg SP170DX keyboard

One of the keyboards that have been made as a modification of the past is Korg SP-170DX. Here are few things you might need to know about it.

The Korg SP170DX keyboard is a complete representation of the high quality digital pianos from the Korg series. Through time, SP170DX has worked to build upon every single experience that Korg has built in the music industry. The features speak well for themselves and the modifications as well make it the best keyboard there is.

The looks, as many may say give the feel of an acoustic concert grand piano. How is this so? Korg SP170DX has been designed elegantly to fit any class of professional musician as well as embedded with amazing sound features that make it stand out against its rivals.

Of course there has to be a few changes made to the keyboard that make it what it is at the moment, some of which include – the added buttons to the digital piano. To some people, they may view this as a distraction when it comes to playing but they are not. If anything they are a welcome addition to the model itself. SP170DX works to maintain the amazing sounds and the high quality samples from the world’s top most concert grand pianos. A sure way of saying, they borrow the most amazing features and exclusively combine them to produce a well-equipped keyboard.

Also if you are looking for a keyboard that meets the right standard then this one speaks for itself. It features a Natural Weighted Hammer Action which is about as close as you could expect to get if you are looking to play an acoustic digital piano.

Product Features of the Korg SP170DX keyboard

What can you expect with the Korg SP170DX?  Some of the best keyboards or top ranked keyboards are known to have certain common features. Using these features as a way of ruling out which keyboard you can work with is better. Why is that? People hope that with time they will be able to purchase a keyboard for home use and other stage uses and still feel like it’s a grand piano. Well then with SP170DX, you can get whatever it is you hope for. Here is a short list of its main features.

It is known that with a Natural Weighted Hammer Action (NH) system, you are guaranteed a great feel when playing the keyboard. This is because there is less resistance as you go up the keyboard and since SP170DX has achieved that then it is something you can consider.Korg SP170DX keyboard

Also, often the number of polyphony-note is considered. Obviously, the higher the number of polyphony-notes the better. Korg SP170DX keyboard has achieved that with 120-note polyphony. All these come with 10 voices as well as the Reverb chorus effects. The keyboard comes with 10 demo songs included, which can help in case you need to make a track or get to learn a bit about it.

When it comes to the connectivity of the keyboard, it is all taken care of as well. You can connect via MIDI connectivity. This ensures that with any gadget you may have you need not hustle to listen to songs from them. Or even transfer the tracks you have to your phone or laptop. There is also an option to use your headphone and a line out connection.

Lastly, the keyboard has installed 2 x 9W speakers, reducing the need of a microphone for sound amplification. Its weighs around 26.45 lbs. (12kg)

Benefits of Korg SP170DX keyboard

Aside from all the features some may have seen as a disadvantage or an advantage, the only thing that stands out is the fact that you can play SP170DX without any distractions. This Korg has an added 4 buttons which work to easily change the voices and the sounds as well.

The appearance also rubs as an advantage to the keyboard features. It is very elegant. Therefore, whatever class a professional pianist is, they will be able to play this keyboard without worrying about how it may look on them. Also, with the two oval sounds providing 9 watts of sound, you certainly do not need any other thing to amplify the sound; therefore there are no distractions in this case.


It’s all about music when it comes to keyboards. People work to see which one produces the best music at the end of the day. Korg SP170DX keyboard is the best choice for all pianists, from the beginners to the serious professional ones. The feel and sound of a grand piano has been amplified by this keyboard because of the amazing features it has all round. These basic features are all you need when it comes to playing beautiful music.Korg SP170DX keyboard (3)

Any musician will understand the preview and be able to know whatever it is that they are looking for at all times. As you make a decision on what to buy, put this keyboard into consideration, since it will work for you any day, anytime, anywhere. Take advantage of the modifications that have been made to get whatever it is you are hoping for in a keyboard. It is Korg SP170DX keyboard that you might have been looking for this whole time, but you had no idea, so get buying and enjoy an awesome musical experience, in your home or at shows. You can even try out in churches for the gospel gigs.


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