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Why should you choose Korg professional keyboards? If you are interested in creating awesome music with great music gear then this is what you should ask yourself.

Professional arranger keyboards are helpful in various situations be it on stage or studio. Korg has raised the standard of excellence by creating amazing new features and elegant designs. Korg professional arrangers have thrilled audiences with the magic combination of good sound quality and professional features. Professional arranger keyboards will wow you every step of the way whether you are on stage doing a live gig or just in the studio recording your new track.

Korg SV-1BK Keyboard

Purpose of Korg professional keyboards

  1. Creates original music quickly

A professional arranger can help you out in creating original music in a day or two, which is usually not easy, especially if it is a style of music which is not your forte. With a professional arranger, you just have to choose the appropriate style, then play your chord progression with some melody and finally a bit of editing and your track is ready with great sounding instruments.

  1. Performance of a one man band

Professional keyboards are ideal for solo performances due to their world class styles and variations that you can provide using nitro and fill-ins. The same band like effect can be achieved with a workstation too but you will have to program everything and play them back in a sequence when needed.

  1. Top class sounds and styles

With the availability of acoustic Instruments and styles, it has become a necessary tool for the pro-performing musician. The styles and performances on professional arrangers are created by musicians and some are so good that recording studios at times use some of the tracks as it is and release them on CDs.

  1. Great for creating demos

Korg professional keyboards are also used in creating demos. One can quickly perform and create music in a variety of genres by just using these Korg professional keyboards.

  1. Serve as educational tool

Professional keyboards can serve as an educational too. Whenever you have spare time on your hands, you can educate yourself on various styles and genres. A good professional keyboard certainly increases your value as a working musician.

Types of professional keyboards

Pa3x professional arranger

Pa3x professional arranger is the most realistic and powerful arranger workstation ever created. The Korg Pa series is the most respected and successful line of interactive arranger workstations on the planet. It is one of the best Korg Professional Keyboards that amateurs and professionals like to work with.


  • The Pa3x has a professional graphic interface with new search facility for quick location of musical resources.
  • It has an enhanced Real Experience (RX) sound engine that offers improved realism and vivid sound.
  • Consists of three switches, a four-way joystick and unique ribbon strip that ensure total control of the levels of sound articulation.Korg SP250
  • Has a massive internal ROM 16 bits linear data plus up to 25MB of user PCM data that offers a powerful wave memory.
  • The 61 or 76 semi-weighted keys, both have velocity and after touch.
  • Has a display of 76 key models that feature a motorized tilting display.
  • No support, cables or additional power supply required due to the high fidelity optional speaker bar with Korg’s own easy connect system.
  • The Pa3x comprises of up to 8 stereo effects at once, the flexible master and insert routing for songs and styles, the new vintage effects from sv-1 stage vintage piano and vocal processor with dedicated professional effects. One of the most advanced features of Korg Professional Keyboards.
  • It has enhanced compatibility with lyrics in graphical form +G for MIDI files and Mp3 files, also provides a new double mp3 file player and recorder with advanced vocal remover.
  • It is equipped with a new audio chord detection that automatically extracts chords to send to vocal processor from Mp3 files.
  • Has adaptive microphone settings which provides a virtual sound engineer that sets the best compressor automatically and also settings for your voice, professional final mastering tools from Waves Audio and Maxx Audio.

Pa900 professional arranger

The Pa900 sets a new standard for arranger workstations with more power than ever and numerous great features. Korg has raised the bar of excellence to a new level by providing new realistic sounds and new features that has led to a massive leap forward from the legendary and best selling series. The Pa900 sets a new standard for arranger workstations with more power and numerous great new features. The machine’s video output is supplied as a standard function so that the audience can sing along to your onscreen lyrics.

Features of Korg Professional Keyboards – Pa900

  • Its sound engine uses double the PCM memory for Pa600 and amount of user PCM memory extends up to 192 MB.
  • It consists of an improved built in speaker system that produces a strong rich sound, which is enhanced by standard features that include TC Helicon vocal harmonizer, dual mp3 recorder and player, and dual crossfade sequencer.
  • It has a 61 key semi-weighted keyboard with velocity and after touch, and a big touch view 7”TFT display.
  • The Pa900 has an easy layout and intuitive graphical interface that offers new search function for quickly locating musical resources.korg-volca-keys
  • Has the three assignable switches and a four way joystick to ensure total control for sound articulation levels DNC ( Defined Nuance Control)
  • Has an improved style and performance selection for over 400 factory styles each with 4 variations, 4 fill-ins and break up plus 15 user banks for unlimited storage of your favorite styles and settings.
  • Its chord sequencer records any chord progression.
  • It is equipped with 4 stereo master effects (125FX types) plus 2 global effects (limiter and EQ), TC Helicon 3-voice vocal processor with 4 dedicated effects.
  • It’s double MIDI file players with recording capability, X fader and vocal remover has enhanced the compatibility for GM and GS songs.
  • Its song book is a fully programmable database based on styles, SMF Karaoke, MP3 with instant recall of song settings.

With Pa900 your lyrics can be showed in their original languages except the oriental and Arabic languages.

So if you want to excel in music you should choose the Korg Professional Keyboards, you will know the difference.

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