Korg Keyboard – Korg Pa800 and Korg Radias 49

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Korg Keyboard – Korg Pa800 and Korg Radias 49

Have you ever played Korg Pa800 keyboard? Well, the Korg Pa800 is a full kit entertainer keyboard featuring about 120 polyphonic notes, 64X drum kits, a high storage sampler, a digital draw-bar organ, TC Helicon Vocalist, 320X Styles, high storage internal SSD flash memory, programmable song book, lyric display, USB to host and USB to device connections, stereo line, XDS double sequencer and EQ. Interesting! Korg pa800 is the most intuitive, powerful and interactive arranger Keyboard produced to date. It also produces stunning sounds.

The Korg pa800 is the successor of Korg pa80:

The Pa80 was the industry’s standard equipment for thousands of music professionals all around the world. While developing its successor, Korg made a study of needs of the modern music professionals and their technological preferences.

What would you do to know what the music professionals prefer? Nice, Korg did interview musicians from many countries and sought out the best suggestions. Pa800 is loaded with distinct features you would hardly find in any one-arranger keyboard.


Where did Korg pa800 draw inspiration?

The successor of pa80 draws inspiration from the pa1X and it uses the RX technology. This is the guiding principle in all its design and sound decisions. The real experience (RX) technology is well known in stunning listeners with the quality of its sound and performance standards.

Vocal Processor

Korg pa800 uses the best technology in vocal processing and harmonies. Korg worked with TC Electronics in order to develop vocal processing system in pa800. TC Electronics are highly recognized leaders in audio technology globally.

The vocal processing system uses TC Helicon voice processor. This processor features quality sound effects (reverb, loop, and echo) and EQ which is specially designed for processing vocals. With the processor, you can achieve the highest quality of sound using built-in voice harmonizer and high quality mic premap.

Graphical Interface

Wondering how to use the Pa800? You can seldom imagine how easy it is to use Korg pa800, given its well packed Graphical Interfacetechnological power and features. Korg made the interface elegant, intuitive, fast and easy to understand. The graphical user interface uses graphical touch screen. This makes the Real Experience Technology work at your command by pointing and clicking functions.

Display Screens

The graphical interface has two modes, expert and easy. The easy mode displays the important controls and removes the cluttering features that may confuse the user. This mode is well applicable to the beginners. The expert mode gives control of all editing controls present in the pa800. This mode is for professionals.

However, the technology and ease of use does not allow pa800 compromise on the sound quality. Korg pa800 has the most powerful synth sound engine, which produces sophisticated and naturally rich sound. Each sound produced explodes with nuance and depth. It also uses OASYS, which is the most powerful synthesizer ever known.

The pa800 has the biggest sample library available and it provides professional editing tools to loop, slip or crop sounds. Creating own sounds is made easy. For professionalism, Korg pa800 has different musical styles. The Fill 3/Break, Intro 3/Count In and Ending 3 style elements, which add realism to stage performances.

Korg Radias 49

Have you ever heard of or come across Korg Radias 49? Well, you are in for a finely detailed description of how this synthesizer performs. Korg Radias is a virtual analog synthesizer. It combines past, present and future innovations in one superb package in a harmonized manner to produce some of the best sounds.

Korg Radias 49

The Korg Radias 49 draws its inspiration from the Korg Multi-Modeling engine technology (MMT technology), which features a 24 voice synthesizer. It is complete with several effects and the latest comb filter and wave shaping technology, which help to enhance sample recording often referred to as vocoding.

Instrument Wave-forms

Within Korg’s synthesis is the multi-modeling technology (MMT Technology), which is the motivating factor behind this engine. The MMT technology stems from Korg’s OASYS architecture synthesis which eliminates the aliasing noise even in the upper frequency ranges therefore providing you with the purest wave-forms. The Korg Radias has two oscillators for each timbre.

The dual oscillators provide the means to create analog wave-forms as well as formant wave-forms, and noise which pulse width modulation and Korg’s proprietary fluctuation phase modulation, popularly known as cross modulation technology. Combined together, these features can be used to create incredibly sophisticated sounds.

Daisy Chain Filters

The Korg Radias features a dual filter architecturally designed, with each of the filters functioning independently. These filters operate side by side. They can also be chained in series to create maximum effect. The filter on the Korg Radias is a continuous multi-mode filter that can be used for a low pass, high pass or band pass filter. It also features three different envelope generators which can be used to apply optimal time delay changes to the sound pitch, filter, cutoff and the amplifier level to include a host of other parameters too. The Korg Radias comes with a headset and a microphone that can be used to record your voice. The process of recording own voice is usually known as vocoding (using own voice to modulate another sound).

Activating Filters to specific Frequencies 

The section of effects of the Korg Radias comes with a two band equalizer which features two insert effects for every timbre, master effect that can be employed against a complete program for a total of nine probable simultaneous sound effects. The Korg Radias 49 includes an arppegiator, which can be employed against each one of the individual timbres. The arppegiator is limited to six patterns which are not much expansive.

Sequences for a Drum Machine

Korg Radias features a two –stage sequence which can be used as a drum machine. One of the features that thousands of musicians like about the Korg Radias 49 is that it comes as a full kit with drum kits, programs and formant motion sets. All these kits are created by synthesizer experts located around the globe.

Why not buy in the idea of purchasing a Korg keyboard for the best of music sounds?


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