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Korg has yet another series released that has very amazing features. Here is a brief overview of the keyboard piece.

Features of Korg Pa600MY

While still maintaining its 50 years of experience, Korg is taking the top with its amazing products that are being made at very high quality. It sets the bar very high for many other brands in terms of sound quality, performance, instruments, which makes it more reliable by most musicians all around the world. The Korg Pa600MY is equipped to give a very rich, very detailed, very natural sound with instruments from almost every genre. It explodes with beauty, depth, subtlety and accuracy.

Some features such as the DNC (Defined Nuance Control) and RX (Real eXperience) make it possible for one to add easily-controlled natural sound and gestures that are usually a part of playing a real instrument. These instruments include – guitar fret noise, mechanical key sound and horn glissandos.

This keyboard is also equipped with an awesome multilayer stereo acoustic piano which was currently sampled from Concert Grand. It includes a String and Damper Resonance. All the sounds on the keyboard have been fully customized to fit your taste. Also your changes can be saved in case you need to refer to it later, for faster locating, to be used in your performances. The Korg Pa600MY also has an exciting feature added to it which includes the ability to purchase many musical sounds and styles in different regions worldwide.

With Pa600MY, many instruments can be added to the sound engine, due to the 96MB of dedicated memory. Also the styles that have been developed can be used to represent many of the popular musical styles of certain countries purposely to suit them.

Keyboard Specifications

When it comes to keyboard specifications, people also look for the 88-keys since they believe that it is more convenient. However, Korg Pa600MY achieves the same advantages like the 88-keyed keyboard with only 61 keys.


As for the sound factory, there are more than 950 of them including the stereo piano and the GM 2 Sounds. The Drum Kits are 64 in total. Also Pa600MY comes preloaded with many Sounds as well as Styles, which suit quite a variety of traditional music tastes from different Countries like the Malay, Chinese and also the Indian Community.

The User Sounds are 256 with 128 Drum Kits in total. The Drum kits are a proper backup for any groove in a stage performance. There is a tone generator and a total of 128 Oscillators with a maximum of 128 polyphony voices. All of which have filters with resonance. There is a PCM User Memory with 96 MB.


As for the factory styles there are more than 360 preloaded Styles which are freely reconfigurable. For the user you can get up to 1,200 available Style locations inclusive of the Favourite/ User banks. When it comes to the structure, there are up to 8 Style tracks, one Style performance per and 4 single touch settings as well.Korg PA600MY

Style controls

Korg Pa600MY is also equipped with style controls. They include 3 intros, 4 variations, 3 Endings, Break, Autofill, Manual Bass, Synchro Start/Stop, Bass Inversion, Tap Tempo/Reset, Accompaniment Mute, STS Mode-Chord sequencer, Memory, Snare and Kick Designation.


The other factors included in the Style department are the Guitar Mode 2. Also the NTT is parallel and fixed and there is also Style Record with Step Record together with Track and Event Edit Functions.

Effects & EQ

When it comes to Effects and EQ there are 4 stereo Master FX or rather 125 Effects types, with a three band EQ for each track articulations. There is a limiter which is a Master 4 band Parametric EQ


There is DNC (Dynamic Nuance Control) Technology with full editing of sounds and Drum Kits. There is Real Time sound control which uses Assignable Switches.

There are controllers which have a Joystick with 2 Assignable switches. The User Sampling does not exist.

Performance/STS of Korg Pa600MY

As for the performance or rather STS, the keyboard is embedded with 320 Real Time Performance Locations. The STS is embedded with Memorize Real Time tracks. There are up to 4 times Style and also 4 times Song Book entries in it.

Real time Tracks with Pads

The real time tracks have 4 Keyboard tracks on them (Upper 1, 2, 3, lower) and the tracks are about 4 in number with a stop button and a Pad Recorder.

Song Play

As for the song player, there is a Single Player which you can select when to press Start/Stop, you can decide to go to home page, Rewind the track you were listening or even fast forward all the controls. There is also a Juke box function that is Compatible with SMF (formats 0 and 1) and also MP3 with Vocal Remover Lyrics (compatible with CDG), score, Marker.

The display is amazing. It is something most people will prefer to have. It is a 7”800 x480 TFT Graphical Color Touch View.


There is a Quick Record (Backing Sequencer), it has a Multitrack and Step Record Function with a 16 track, Full Featured Sequencer that has up to 100,000 events and an SMF format.

Song Book

The Song Book has Fully Programmable Music database, based on styles, SMF, Karaoke, MP3 with automatic selection of Style Play and Song Play modes. There are User-definable custom Lists with Filtering options.

General Controls of Korg Pa600MY

There are many controls within the keyboard, starting from the Master Volume, Real Time-Acc/Seq Balance Volume, Ensemble, Octave Transpose, Search, Lyrics, Master Transpose, Tempo Lock, Style Change-Quarter Tone Arabic Scale, User Scale Memorized inside Performance/ STS, and Fade In/Out.

The control inputs have a Damper Pedal, an Assignable Pedal/Footswitch.

When it comes to the Line-Out, there is an Unbalanced Jack Left/Mono, Right, and Headphones with 2 Unbalanced Line- in Jacks.

Every keyboard has to have a certain form of connectivity be it USB or MIDI. As for the In, Out MIDI connectors, the keyboard uses a connection from USB to Midi using the USB Device port Individual track assignment. There are also 8 user definable MIDI Pre-set.

The USB connection is of two types (type A and B) type A connects to device while type B connects to host with a speed of 1:2.0 Hi. The amplification section has two 15W speakers. The speakers are 100mm x 2 Double Cone Speakers in Bass Reflex Box.

General features

The keyboard uses a general power supply from an AC distributor where it consumes about 100-240 V. It uses 20 Watt.

Dimensions, Weight and accessories (W x D x H)

The dimensions of the keyboard are 1,030 x 378 x 127 mm (without music rest) and the weight is 11 kg (without music rest). The accessories include an Owner’s Manual, a Music Stand, Accessory DVD which includes Video Manuals and an AC Cable.

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