Korg PA4X

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Korg Pa4X is more than just a keyboard. However, it is very true that it has been designed and built with amazing features that take it overboard. Why do we say so? Pa4X Oriental Professional Arranger is your back up band; the company you always hope for; and the music director you never had, since it is capable of delivering no matter the music you intend to play.

Pa4X ORIENTAL is an ideal keyboard for composing, recording, and combo use. It is very intuitive bringing out the performance even with a solo keyboard performer or entertainer. Its features as well as superior sound cannot be matched to any other keyboard instrument anywhere.

Pa4X is a complete modification of the past series. Through time, every aspect of the Professional Arranger series has been examined and improved leading to it. For sure no instrument can be compared to Pa4X ORIENTAL.

It has an all-new ESD-X (Enhanced Definition Synthesis – Expanded) sound engine that has been designed to deliver unprecedented realism as well as high quality sounds. DNC (Defined Nuance Control) from Korg helps provides highly-Articulate solo instruments. Korg has also managed to provide state-of-the-art vocal effects as well as the audio processing with the help of Waves Audio and TC Helicon.

If you are looking for the most effective musical resources, it possible to get it since it is embedded in the bonus package which comes with Korg’s Oriental Version. Also they are available from top-class Middle East Libraries.

Superior Sound

Pa4X ORIENTAL mostly relies on Korg advanced EDS-X (Enhanced Definition Synthesis-eXpanded) sound engine. With it comes over 1,650 sounds that are ready to play. From this you can have a variety of gatherings of classic and contemporary keyboards, electronic and acoustic instruments, plus band and orchestral instruments. Sounds these devices produce have been captured very exclusively allowing the finest details to be reproduced in the most accurate way possible.

The latest Styles

Pa4X ORIENTAL has an in built SMF that allows one to quickly and easily acquire the latest songs. All you may need is a new Standard MIDI File, which you will load into your keyboard and the inbuilt converter will instantly turn it to a full KORG style so that it can play any time you want. The combination of the latest styles with Korg’s styles is what sweeps people off their feet.

XDS Dual Player/Recorder

The XDS Dual Player/ Recorder have a cross fade slider that helps provide non-stop entertainment. You can load one as the other plays then cross fade between them. You can also create a playlist for automatic playback. With this you can play two different MP3 or MIDI files simultaneously or even transpose them, speed them up or slow them down as you please.

  Korg PA4X
Through ‘MP3+G’ you can manage to play with lyrics and graphics that can be easily displayed on the external monitor or in built display or even both since it is supported together with other popular lyrics. It is ideal for karaoke since the vocal track is eliminated instantly by the Vocal Remover.

Using the Backing Sequence and Style functions, the 16-track recorder provides easy and quick song creation. Also, it allows sophisticated levels of sequencing and editing. With this you can record your entire performance or play back a song, play the keyboard, sing along while everything is being recorded and saved as an MP3 file. After the first recording process, you can then play the MP3 again as you add further track voice in technique called, ‘sound on sound’.

TC Helicon Voice Processor

Partnering up with TC Helicon, the world leader in vocal harmonies has helped Korg Pa4X ORIENTAL achieve high quality sound with high vocals it is designed with. There are up to 4 realistic harmony voices available which are controlled by the keyboard or the MIDI events. The vocal effects include Reverb, Double, Delay, µMod, Filter, Pitch Correction plus Compressor, Hard tune as well as EQ, Gate etc. The most important Voice Processor functions are added to the top panel and placed within easy reach with Dedicated knob (3) and buttons (3).

Another Korg exclusive function, Adaptive Mic Setting, monitors the input signal and auto-adjust the parameters to make the vocals sound better, smooth or ‘studio produced’. All you need is to plug in your microphone into the XLR connection leaving Pa4X ORIENTAL to do the rest.

The SongBook

The songbook is very helpful for any live use. It is well programmed and one can easily search Music or Database. Each of the entry has settings that one requires in order to play a particular song. It can save or retrieve Styles, MIDI files, or MP3 files and instantly recall any settings like song title, artist, genre, tempo, sounds, volumes, FX settings, muted tracks, master transpose and many more functions.

Everything you may require to perfectly play your song back is in the SongBook. It is one of the features that are considered Korg’s Korg PA4Xexclusive. There is a more refined feature that lets you search for entries using combinations of different criteria, like songs containing ‘love’ in the title. It also contains a set function list that makes life easier during live gigs, when in conjunction with panel-button association for fast recall.

It is easy for you to view, create, and edit your Korg Pa-series SongBook entries with the help of a SongBook Editor. It also sets Lists using Windows based computers which can be synchronized with iOs and Android tablets. From there it becomes your handy external digital music sheet reader.


It is designed with more than 1,650 sounds including a multiplayer Stereo Piano with a damper resonance. It has more than 650 preloaded Styles, freely reconfigured, a fully integrated, featured 16-track sequencer and lastly a voice processor Technology from TC Helicon that features four part harmonizer, Double, Reverb, Delays and more.

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When purchasing this keyboard, alongside it you are likely to get – AC power cable, music stand, and a DVD-ROM which has an Owner’s manual in pdf format, video manual, and Korg USB_MIDI Driver.

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