The Korg Pa1X pro Elite Review

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Korg Pa1X pro pianos are considered the best when it comes to sound and many piano features. Their good looks, clear sounds, make people want to get one for them. With Korg you can get the wonderful feeling of quick response throughout. It caters for all musicians at home in the classroom or on stage.

Why do you need a Korg Pa1X pro Elite?

Korg Pa1X pro Elite is a type of piano that has been professionally arranged with amazing features. Features that make it perfect for home use as well as stage use. Meaning it comes in handy when you have a gig or performances at various charitable homes. It is also designed as an ideal instrument for parties and playing since it has a 76 note semi-weighted keyboard that has a full color touch view display and SDS dual sequencer. So if you are looking for a keyboard that will best suitThe Korg Pa1X pro Elite Review your gig this one is the right one for you.

It includes a MIDI in/out posts, MP3 encoder option and CD-RW drive as standard, various pedal inputs and a USB port. There are close to 350 staggering music styles that have been included in the Pa1X. All suited to make your piano experience wonderful. However, more can be downloaded from the internet or more so played through the floppy drive. So you do not need to worry about being limited or restricted to just a few musical tunes. You can download a few more and get to be very creative.

Accompaniment styles that have 62 notes of polyphony

In this piano, each style has the possibility of being embedded with eight accompaniment parts, three fills, four variations, a break, two intros and endings and counting. It is automatically altered to remain in key with your playing. You may not be in need of the 62 notes of polyphony but with a 760 resent and an added 512 you be able to program yourself then you may come to need it after all; though the 62 notes of polyphony is quite useful to you.

Programmable drum kits

The Korg Pa1X pro EliteThey are 128 in total which you can make good use as well as 48 preset on top of all it. RX technology which was recently launched by Korg has been created to generate not only a detailed but refined yet natural sound which works on maintaining the sound history from time to time. Pa1X is the first keyboard that has fully incorporated this feature.

 It is considered an ideal keyboard for playing at parties since it has been designed with two sequencers that enable one to play while the other one is loading. On the other hand the DJ style cross fader adds a professional touch since it blends well between the sequencers. Whatever gig it is, this key board has you sorted form start to end. However, it is easy to synch both the sequencers when you want to produce a staggering 40 part arrangement, if you are that ambitious.

When it comes to immense editing power, the sequencers can be able to afford it. They are also very compatible with SMF and Karaoke files. You can also find and play requests since there is a series user defined database of pre-set songs as well as accompanying style, sound, effects and tempo, at minimum hassle. This makes it easier for you to choose one song that will go with different styles, sounds as well as tempo or you can also choose the song and adjust the tempo form the key board.

Sample sounds can be sliced, assigned to pre-set sounds or be edited due the sampling features of the Pa1X that are responsible for enabling such. 16MB is known to be the standard sample memory which can be doubled according to need. Whatever entry level you pick, the sample sounds are uniquely of good quality that will leave you enjoying every bit of this keyboard. The sample can be read – WAV, Korg, AIFF, AKAI samples and multi samples.

Why should you buy Korg Pa1X?

When it comes to questioning why Korg Pa1X, you should focus on how you feel when you see it in the shop and sit down to touch it. Then the question will shift to why not Pa1X?The Korg Pa1X pro Elite Review

Pa1X is a piano embedded with many professionally arranged features that not only work to fascinate you but increase the flexibility of this key board. These many features allow you to play your key board in church, at shows or gigs, or at home without any worries. Your first choice should be this type of keyboard not because most of the well trained musicians are admitting that it is the finest, but because your first experience was the most awesomely musical experience.

Another reason is, assume that you are at a gig then you discover that the power source is completely unreliable. Question comes should you drop the gig and wait till everything is working right? Forget your worries since this type of Korg keyboard is not affected by any power surge so you can freely play your keyboard and enjoy your gig and never be worried that you might be left out.

Flexibility and power surge resistant are features that can keep you going any day. Get yourself one of these types of keyboards and be part of the awesome experience people talk about.

Buy Now the Korg keyboardsKorg pianos are considered the best for beginners. They are the top notch models when it comes to keyboards. They can be played at parties because of the sequencers. If you are looking to explore more musical ideas on a keyboard at home or on stage then Pa1X is the best keyboard for you. The beauty of this keyboard is that there are many colors to choose from. Not just the simple white or black or grey but a range of colors that allow you to choose which one is your favorite. Just a touch of the Korg Pa1X Pro Elite keyboard and you get to enjoy the musical experience you hope for.

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