Korg Nanokey2

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Korg Nanokey2 is one of the Korg series with a very sleek design. Dating back from the first generation of the same nanokey2, there is a big improvement or modifications that have been done. As of now, it is very advanced and up to date. Nanokey2 combines an awesome touch feeling which develops a series of innovations for professional MIDI keyboards as well as low profile computer keyboards that are thin in size.korg-nanokey2-slim-line-usb-keyboard-large

When it comes to class and size, nanokey2 has it covered. Nanokey2 can range on one of the keyboards that are classy from the design to the features. It is of very expensive taste yet very much affordable. Depending on what type you choose that best fit your preference, class is well laid out. It provides superior key boards for that matter.  When playing it, the chances of a wrong note is reduced since there is plenty of space between the keyboard as well as ample key width.

Korg keyboards are designed by professionals who manufacture a carefully crafted touch and velocity response system. The whole idea ensures that the expressive performance is improved and at the same time conveyed accurately to the software with its advanced-design key bed. The advanced-designed key bed also offers improved velocity-sensitive keys. In short, with a team of professionals, the features are put together in a carefully crafted manner depending on what fits where. This helps you understand when it is said that Korg seems to be taking the designs a notch higher.

Control buttons

When it comes to control buttons, Korg nanokey2 has quite a number of series to start with. Some of them are responsible for providing very simple yet versatile control. On every single part of the key board is control factor that works to allow four levels shifting of the overall pitch either up and down in octave increments.

Nanakey2 has a way of enhancing performance. This is made possible by providing Pitch Bend buttons, a Modulation button and a Sustain button; one factor that tends to remain important when it comes to electric piano performance. Therefore, the whole performance is improved.

The on/off switching speed is well specified over the four levels, when it comes to each of the following buttons. The whole packing works hard to ensure that smooth changes which are of much importance for your performance are maintained.

Editor software

Just like for any other Korg keyboard Korg Kontrol Editor Software is available free on every Korg website. It works in conjunction with the nanokey2 to provide detailed customized settings. It is quite simple to use. All you need is to just load it into your computer then you can connect it to the nanokey2 keyboard and everything is taken care of.KORG NANOKEY2

When it comes to velocity settings, there are four from which one can choose, that work to specify control change messages transmitted by the two buttons: Modulation and Sustain. These velocity settings include the three velocity curves and the fixed velocity.

Natural weights hammer action

Keys have natural hammer weight that range from treble to base. When playing at the treble keys you can feel the keys are light but as you gradually progress to the base you can feel the keys are heavy. This works to give the keyboard a natural piano feel.

The keys are sensitive to touch and have a difference in velocity. It is possible to make a few adjustments i.e. changing the settings from sensitive to light touch, or a standard or a heavy whenever you are playing, depending on what suits your preference. This works best for those who have played acoustic or grand pianos. Since they are used to the natural weight, they find it a lot easier to blend with nanokey2.


Other components that enhance sound production as well as their quality are the kicks, snare, and clap. They work very well to increase the quality of the sound rather than just focusing on the amount of sound being produced.

The depth and speed are controlled with a single modulation bus connection that consists of 72 pre-set connections.

When it comes to sound production, there are many components that facilitate sound production. The speakers are embedded with an inbuilt stereo system that maximise the sound being produced. This ensures that in case you are on stage performing, there is no need for a microphone to be fixed slightly above the speakers; instead the audience are able to hear.KORG NANOKEY2 (2)

The drums’ features in the keyboard are parts that have done much to ensure you are provided with very firm bedrock for your tracks. Your performance is made to be fun and interesting with these components in place.

USB connection

USB is one of the modifications that have to be put into design. It should be easier for anyone to connect an external source like a phone or a flash disk. All you may need in this case is a single USB cable connected from your computer to the nanokey2. It helps provide you with a music production system that is quick and portable.

Also when it comes to connection, the working space is left very clean, neat as well as efficient, since the power and the USB-MIDI data travels down the same wire.

When purchasing Korg nanokey2 from any country one should put in mind the prices’ range of different countries as well as the shipping arrangements that is expected to be made. Also, just like any other electronic goods, it must have a warranty of up to 1 year. You should be conversant with all warrant agreements and limitations of any country.

Nanokey2 is all you need for epic stage performances. If you are looking to shift your keyboard experience or even take it a notch higher, then this one is the right one for you. It is indeed possible that you can get a variety of Korg nanokey2 keyboards at an affordable price. Get buying and enjoy keyboard experience everywhere you go.

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