Korg MS2000 Keyboard

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Did you know that the quality of music you produce is defined by the musical instruments you use? Yeah, now you know. You can opt to save a few dollars to afford a Korg keyboard and up your game than forever be a musical underdog with your current keyboard. While choosing to buy a Korg is the best option, you have also to settle on a keyboard that you can afford and meets your preferences. If you thought Korg keyboards are few, check your local dealer’s product list. However, to ease your search for a superior machine, it is advisable to purchase a Korg MS2000 keyboard. As for why to do so, the following features listed below will serve as the best answer.


Features of Korg MS2000

Low profile

You expect such a keyboard from a top manufacturer to be hyped but this is different when it comes to MS2000. Though it is a state-of-the-art keyboard that is built on the basis of advanced technology, it still has a low profile. Having a low profile doesn’t mean it does not meet most requirements but you have to try it yourself to know its capability without relying on adverts.

25-key USB-midi keyboard

Every musician desires to have a portable keyboard that they can easily use when in different places. Moreover, having an expandable keyboard that can be connected to other devices through connectivity ports is another need they often fancy. With Korg MS2000, you can carry it with you easily while enjoying its USB-midi connectivity that makes it the perfect keyboard to work alongside your notebook and laptop computer.

Advanced key bed

Are you the player that hit keys at a high speed? If yes, you have a keyboard that can accommodate your velocity. Korg MS2000 has keys that are sensitive to velocity. This sensitivity is availed to improve their accuracy when played at different velocities.

If you are wondering about the velocity-sensitivity and accuracy, then you should try playing a fast song while paying attention to the sound. You will notice that however fast or light your touch is, the keyboard will recognize your hit.

Other top features include:

– Well-placed sustain button

– Up/ down pitch button

– 25 keys that are velocity-sensitive

– 4 velocity curves

– Up/ down octave shift button

– Mini USB connection

– Corresponding Korg software

– USB bus power

Useful tidbits about Korg keyboard warranty

What is a Korg Warranty?

Just like any other product, Korg keyboards are covered with an insurance to allow compensation for any loss, damage or repair that meet their requirements. Though you can purchase a keyboard from any retailer, warranties are given Korg MS2000 (3)by authorized dealers only. To know if a dealer or merchant is authorized, ask for Korg certification. Most merchants that stock Korg products are certified so they are in a position to give you a warranty. However, you must be eligible for it.

How to know if you qualify for a warranty

Proof of purchase

For every purchase done, there are records left at the shop. You too are given both a receipt and a signed warranty card. A copy of the two documents is left at the shop just in case you pop up in future demanding for a warranty or software upgrade. Once you show up at the store and produce your receipt and warranty card, then you are eligible for warranty though a few considerations have to be made.

Considerations for warranty

Type of claim

What is the reason behind your claim? Is it a damage, loss or malfunctioning? If it is damaged, then be clear about the damage and have a rich history about it. A history is a story on how the damage was caused, when and in what situation. This information is crucial since it separates the genuine claims from petty ones. Moreover, it gives the merchant an upper hand in deciding who deserves a warranty and who does not.

For a loss, you have to explain the nature of it. This can be in form of a video recording if you have installed a surveillance system in your place. If it clearly shows your Korg keyboard being taken without your notice and the information backing up your claim is solid, then you are eligible for a warranty. If you lack a video recording, then your explanation should be well detailed with information covering the entire loss.

Type of damage

Is the damage done to the external Korg or internal units? If it is to the external keyboard, then it will be visually assessed.  Assessment is essential in that it has to be worth the warranty. However, few external damages are claimed since Korg keyboards have a sturdy body that is tough. When the damage is to the internal units, then a Korg technician will check it. Independent of the type of damage, how it happened matters. If you had loaned it, then you will not be eligible for any warranty.


For the poor handlers, you never have a lucky day. Like you mishandled your Korg, the warranty you are chasing after will slip between your fingers. Any information that depictsKorg MS2000 (3) any mishandling will automatically disqualify you from getting any compensation. Most people have mishandled their keyboard in one way or another. However discrete you may be in disclosing it, a keen merchant will pin-point it after listening to you.

Poor cleaning

You can damage your keyboard by cleaning it poorly. If your cleaning exposes the internal parts to either dust or moisture, there will be one or two failures. A Korg warranty does not cover a problem that is caused by poor cleaning so hold your horses if intending to claim a warranty.

In a nutshell, owning a Korg keyboard MS2000 is not the end of the game. You should maintain it well to prevent the occurrence of situation that lead to claiming of a warranty. Indeed, you should treasure your keyboard and watch over it keenly to ensure it remains in good condition.

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