Korg MS-20 Mini Synthesizer

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For those who had a chance to play the original Korg MS-20, you definitely expect this new MS-20 Mini synthesizer to be a perfection of its predecessor. While this is true, there are more features added that will hype your practice. Moreover, it is a bit reduced to 86% in size of the original. If you ditched the first MS-20 due its size, it is time you picked the new synthesizer.

A number of top artistes and bands have tried it out and their experience can only be known by reading their testimonials and user reviews in sites. Reason it has caught the attention of many is that it has more interactive features as listed below.korg-ms-20-mini-synthesizer-4

Features of Korg MS-20 Mini synthesizer

Cleaner and smaller

When MS-20 was first introduced, it was developed based on the early music technology. However, it appeared that users were ditching it for other sleek keyboards. To get their customers back, Korg developed the new MS-20 that is 86% of its original size while not doing away with its initial features. Actually, they tweaked the noise Voltage Controlled Amp making it a bit quieter than before. Moreover, they replaced the initial quarter jack with an eighth mini one in a bid to create more space.

External signal processor

To get a glimpse of what Korg MS-20 can do, simply plug in your microphone or guitar and kick off with your tweaking. Well, you will be amazed by the different funny yet funky sounds it will generate. Once you fully utilize the external signal processor, you will be in a position to control the volume or pitch of this synth by using any sound source. While the original version could not do this smoothly, this new MS-20 does it perfectly.

Onboard USB and MIDI

If users in the early 80s were given a chance to access a synthesizer with a MIDI port, guess they would trade an arm and a leg to get such a chance. Now that the MS-20 comes with a MIDI port, you can easily connect it to a live keyboard or any station of your choice. Moreover, the USB port allows you to connect even with other sophisticated devices such as computer and storage devices.korg-ms-20-mini-synthesizer

Have you ever come across a particular style that you needed to add into your machine? Yeah, guess you have bumped into choruses and songs but the thought of adding it in your machine never clicks dues to unsupported connectivity. If you are the type, then rest assured of a super connectivity to the MS-20 using the onboard USB and MIDI ports.

Quality vintage sound

Have you ever played a tune but failed to identify it uniquely from other tunes? To create distinctions, the MS-20 Mini synthesizer is developed to produce a vintage sound that ranges from a deep bass that many identify as growling to a crisp yet rounded lead. Making sounds with this machine is easy since most of its features are well outlined in the control panel.

Great oscillators

To differentiate a novice from a professional, simply let them practice while considering the involvement of oscillators. While the latter will outdo the first, it is easier to master how the oscillators work. MS-20 comes with a pair of oscillators that are equipped with ring modulation in a bid to produce a wide range of quality sounds.

Still, this machine comes with first generation types of filters that are designed to self-oscillate. Once you master the art of playing your keyboard, you will be in a good position to enjoy the self-oscillation.

Envelope generators

A number of keyboard lovers grunt about how some machines have poor envelop generators. Though they have adapted to such development failure, all will shift to the MS-20 due to its powerful generators. Once you try them out, you will realize that they can delay and hold with the greatest ease.

Such delay and hold feature is among the most sought by hardcore keyboard players. Why is this so? Well, most users have a way of incorporating either a delay or hold to come up with top-notch sounds. If such a fan gets this machine, his or her musical success story will be a tell-tale.korg-ms-20-mini-synthesizer-2

Why to ask for a manual

Familiarize with this new Korg MS-20

Unlike its original version, this new mini synthesizer is upgraded a lot. Some of its functionality has been improved while a change was done here and there. Than explore it like an adventure, it is easier to follow a manual. You might be the few professionals who distinguish a keyboard working just by looking at it but not an MS-20.

Some upgrades are well explained in the manual to avoid confusion. If you practice alongside the manual, you are assured of an easy familiarization with your keyboard.

Safety handling

At times people have handled their keyboards roughly to an extent of damaging them beyond repair. While some must have assumed that their keyboards are well rugged and sturdy, things happen to be different.

Safety handling does not always mean moving it but also maintaining and servicing it. Though cleaning is part of the service and maintenance, there is a list of do’s and don’ts outlined in the manual that will help you keep your Korg in good condition.

Avoid expensive tutors

Since you have assumed the crucial role of practice offered by the manual, a tutor will go through the same piece day and night till they perfect themselves. Once you come across tough situations when practicing, you will definitely consult them at a fee which you could have avoided.

You have a chance to be your own tutor by going through the manual slowly and keenly. Ensure you grasp everything explained in the manual. Actually, you will realize that you barely knew anything of its functionality. All you need to do is be smart.

Take your music a notch higher by including a Korg MS-20 mini synthesizer in your workstation today and be a legend.

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