Korg Minilogue or Korg Microarranger Mar-1

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Korg has done all it can to maintain its customer satisfaction by developing keyboards that address a user’s needs. In the event of doing this, they have a musical piece for you: Korg Minilogue. While a few have laid hands on this magnificent piece of keyboards, everyone who has heard of it is looking for one. What makes it exceptionally unique while there are other Korg pieces? Well, below are top unique features that come loaded in the Korg Minilogue.

Unique features of Korg Minilogue

Digital/ analogue hybrid

If you are used to a keyboard with either analogue or digital synth, then you should try the Minilogue. It has a hybrid polysynth that has a number of both monophonic and duophonic options.


This keyboard comes with a unique set of oscillators. Indeed, when the independent turning knob designed for each oscillator is well set at zero, there are four octave settings availed that are of 2’, 4’,8’and 16’.


You have a single waveform to select among the three offered for an oscillator. Selection is done once at any given time. However, the waveforms are designed to offer you a high quality sound.

Effects, sequencing, modes and performance

There are eight voice mode availed by the Korg Minilogue.  Output of the present four voices are combined into one then offered as a mode. Audio generated is passed to the well-designed output section. An output section is made up of analogue high-pass filter which also is a combination of both feedback loop and digital delay line.

As for the delay line, it only offers you a delay in time while the feedback loops are designed to gain controls. When the two synchronize to perform a single task, their performance can be compared to single-head tape delays and stomp boxes.


Since every Minilogue patch is developed to have a unique sequence, overdubbing or recording any real-time sequence has been simplified.



The Korg Minilogue comes with 200 memories. However, only a hundred are user memories since the other 100 are pre-set factory sounds that are of top-notch so do not underestimate it.


There are only 3 menus available that comprise of additional 45 parameters designed to work hand-in-hand with the programs, global setup and sequences.

Why choose Korg Minilogue?

As for its performance and output, it is too advanced. There is a new feature for everyone. Actually even the know-it-all claim to learn a thing or two from the Minilogue each time they lay their hands on it. Have you ever tried saving your work but your keyboard could not do it? Well, memory issues can be a little bit stressing. However, things are different when it comes to Korg Minilogue. You have 100 user-defined memory spaces to store your songs. With such space, you can opt to advance your musical career by tracking your memory each time you pay the Korg.

Korg Microarranger mar-1

Like any other Korg keyboard, the Microarranger has the ability to turn your ideas into great songs while providing you with a good backing. Its unique set of features ensure that your songs are as distinct from others as your prefer. Below are some of its top features.

Unique features of Korg Microarranger mar-1

A compact composing keyboard that is suitable for performances is neatly designed to meet users’ preferences. Actually as the name suggests, this Korg keyboard will act exclusively as a perfect musical arranger.korg-minilogue-or-korg-microarranger-mar-1

It is equipped with a 61-key piece of keyboard that has a Natural Touch. A number of users have confirmed of the mini keyboard being velocity sensing as claimed.

There is an in-built piece of stereo speaker system. Since keyboard sounds need to be clear enough to identify every key, the stereo provides you with enough clarity to identify even the faintest chorus.

There are a total of 304 styles. Each has an inspirational touch that lets you get immersed in the interactive musical environment with the greatest ease. You are always in control of your music since each style is designed to follow your tempo settings, chords and chosen voice leading.

Present too is a four-stereo effect processors that comes loaded with 89 working effect programs. Indeed, there is around 660 factory pre-set audio programs for you to use while there are 128 pre-loaded user programs that come handy when trying to generate excellent sound pieces.

For the cover lovers, there are 32 Drum kits to spice your live performances. Moreover, there are 64 User-defined Drum kits for you to customize.

If you are intending to expand your musical data, there is an SD/SDHC card slot. With the slot you can import new styles to your keyboard, store data to your card or choose to share your musical data with your computer DAW.

Why Korg Microarranger mar-1?

With the Microarranger, you can be your own song producer. Its programs are versatile enough to an extent of giving you more room to creating your own beats, tunes and sounds. Its keys too are natural to an extent of giving you the smooth feeling when striking them.korg-minilogue-1304965

Just don’t buy any keyboard but choose a Korg machine that is able to actualize your ideas into songs.

If size matters to you, then consider the Microarranger mar-1 a portable musical piece that you can easily carry with you everywhere you go. If for instance you are performing live on stage and choose to use your own keyboard, you can take it with you without having to involve a moving company. Still, it fits in any room without giving your room a congested look. It is best for musical lovers who hold gigs in small places like homes and lounges.

As for being worth your cash, this Korg keyboard is even of greater worth than your money. It has lot more programs clearly cut to boost your musical career. Consider the SD card slot that allows you to expand your keyboard. Such features if utilized well help you develop sounds you desire without having to rely on the factory pre-set styles.

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