The Korg Microsampler and Oasys

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Learn about Korg Microsampler and Oasys in this article. The microsampler is the latest keyboard that serves sampling accompanied by powerful performance. Microsampler provides pattern sequencing, multi- mode sampling, re-sampling and enormous effects. Microsampler is complemented with a fun to use intuitive interface that adds to the enjoyment. Its complete sound design studio keeps its promise to create up to the minute loops and phrases.


The microsampler provides sampling features such as the The Korg Microsampler and Oasysreverse playback, 14- voice polyphony, correcting operations such as Truncate and Normalize. The time stretch feature allows you to change the tempo without interfering with the pitch. Different sample rates of 12KHZ, 24KHZ and 48KHZ can be selected and also go down till 6KHZ. Each bank comes pre-loaded with 36 samples and 16 patterns of data sequence, which it allows you to store right into such banks in its internal memory. The new Korg offers five distinct sampling methods that can be used to get the desired results. The one shot sampling for grabbing and triggering single events, loop sampling for recording grooves and phrases, key gate for playing a musically sound across the keyboard and auto next for capturing phrases.

The re-sampling function plays existing layered samples refined by effect and played by the pattern sequencer. It is possible to sample during performance and the sampling process becomes the integral part of the creative performance. The microsampler features KAOSS PAD series that greatly works with a selection of effects. The LOOP recording super feature lets you repeat effects in order to create more sonic expressions and is helpful when editing samples.

The battery powered KORG microsampler combines a drum machine phrase sampler, kaoss effects and MIDI control with mini keys. The machine is smaller and lighter but an angled metal brace above the keys makes it feel sturdier. The back panel offers a headphone jack, stereo line 1/0 on 1\4 inch jacks and a USB port for MIDI. Using drum machine style overdubbing, one can record 16 sequences per bank, each of the bars up to 99 long.

Why choose Korg microSAMPLER and Oasys?

The microsampler features a new natural touch micro keyboard that provides enhanced playability and good expressive power. The unique proportion of the delicate white and black keys has made it simple to use especially for users playing rapid phrases. The controllers are perfectly laid out for intuitive operation.  The LEDs above the keyboard provides excellent visibility when performing. The machine is included with a gooseneck microphone in the package which reduces the cost of getting one; therefore one can start recording instantly. The machine is perfect for sampling and loops and velocity sensitive pads. The recessed controls, informative displays and bright LEDs make the operation fun and easy to use especially for beginners as well as seasoned pros.


korg-micro-samplerThe KORG Oasys is the most ambitious workstation synthesizer released in 2005. The OASYS uses a Linux operating system designed to be expandable via software updates, accessed through a touch screen. Claimed enthusiastically as the culmination of KORG technology it contains simple playback, physical modeling, DSP effects, multi-track audio and MIDI sequencing, KARMA control and everything you would want in a music production studio. The OASYS assists from scratch and gets the ideas for tracking, mixing, mastering and burning the final data to an audio CD completely within its confines.


The meaning of OASYS is Open Architecture Synthesis Studio, and the core concept of the Korg OASYS is its expandability which allows multiple synthesis engines to be used simultaneously. The OASYS features include a maximum 172- note polyphony, huge variety of designer timbres, tons of hand on controls and also limitless programming potential. It has a tilting 10.4 inch, gorgeous LCD color touch screen. Consisting of 40GB hard disk, a gigabyte of RAM more than a gigabyte of onboard samples, the ability to add all three, the OASYS furnishes more wave form data than any hardware synthesizer. The voice architecture of OASYS is H-1, the latest from Korg’s tried 16- bit, 48KHZ PCM sample payback machine. The sound produced by this engine is pristine and clear and the modulation capabilities are impressive. The unique feature of HD-1 sounds is that it can have mono oscillators both having independent signal paths. Each oscillator can layer two multisamples and come up with four multisamples for superior velocity splits while still achieving superb cross fades. The sample selection provided is 300 sound effects and more than 100 synthesizer waveforms.

Types of OASYS Models

There are two OASYS models available, the 76 semi weighted keys and the other with an 88- note graded hammer action. With its unique charcoal grey exterior, it has a royal silver aluminum trim that is furnished with large side-panel ventilation ports. Indeed, the Oasys appearance differentiates it from other keyboards. The OASYS front panel is a well organized array of knobs, sliders, buttons and joysticks. Most buttons illuminate when they are engaged.Buy Now the Korg keyboards Beneath the display are eight velocity sensitive pads for playing individual notes and program them separately for each program. To the left of the display the Oasys’s assignable control surface furnishes sliders, 8 knobs, 16 buttons and can have any mixing and modulation purpose you want. Each of the sliders and knobs has 11 LEDs that make it easy to see the position even on a darkened stage. Five buttons determine the control surface overall function, changing it from a KARMA and modulation panel to a Tone Adjust Panel (TAP). Since the control surface can send MIDI control change messages, it would also control external MIDI devices and computer software.

Why the Korg OASYS?

Just like the triton, the OASYS is a functional sampler. One can record mono or stereo samples to RAM or direct to disc through the analog inputs. The OASYS digitally samples its own output, whether playing a program, a song, either love or sequenced and with or without KARMA. With the OASYS you can also choose to time- slice a piece or time-stretch it. Still, you have an option to perform other sample editing procedures.

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