A Smaller Better Keyboard – Korg microKEY25

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Korg MicroKEY series has been hitting the market with its amazing features. Starting with Korg microKEY37, which was launched late 2010, there has been a few improvements with the new Korg microKEY25 a much smaller option. It is not as tiny as the NanoKEY but it is a bit thicker and heavier in a much more significant way.

Here are some advanced features of Korg microKEY25:

USB and compatibility

Korg microKEY25 is USB powered; therefore the only way you can send MIDI over is by USB. All the MIDI-capable apps like Korg’s iMS-20 can be controlled through this process.

Compatibility is an important factor in this century. It makes the keyboard compatible with any gadget whether it is an IPhone or a Windows phone. With microKEY25, you can connect it to a windows computer and download programs that involve it. This goes for Windows XP, Vista and 7 as well.

Also the keyboard is compatible with Apple’s Garage Band, not just with Mac OSX but with iPad also. This compatibility with Apple’s slate is very significant to your portability expansion. Being able to power the device with an iPad is a win for this MicroKEY; it is the one thing that kept in on the market. It can be easily powered from your iPad via the camera connection Kit.Korg microKEY25 (4)


When it comes to differences between microKEY25 and microKEY37, there is new arpeggiator function which is in-built and tempo-synched. Also, the 25’s pitch bend and the modulation joystick appears to be very tactile, very expressive and very responsive. In this case, it is capable of providing a series of simultaneous control of a number of parameters at the same time. This means that Korg microKEY25 is a more valuable addition to the MicroKEY series lineup.


Along with it, comes a few small bundled selection of software which is licensed. Korg microKEY25 (3)They include Toontrack’s software drum sound, EZDrummer Lite, Applied Acoustics Systems’ Strum Acoustic Session, Lounge Lizard Session electric piano plugged on, Ultra Analog Session, Live Suite, Live LE DAW software and a discount coupon’s Ableto’s Live.

With Korg microKEY25, you get a code for downloading FREE korg M1Le software. This enables you to have all the preset sounds as well as all the PCM waveforms of the original M1. Also you can get a browser, or a search function that will ease your work when it comes to finding that perfect sound.


When it comes to portability, not many electronic devices can prioritize that. Be it laptops, speakers, or other gadgets. Why is that? This could mean that you have to put aside features such as enough power, proper performances or utility. These features have to be sacrificed in order to achieve portability. Best portable devices are the ones that maintain as many key features as they should and at the same time operate with limited or reduced space.

The thing about Korg MicroKEYseries is that you do not need to worry about many wires in your work area. With the newly introduced wireless MIDI, you can freely do your configurations and setups. This has helped make Korg microKEY25 be very portable in that you can deal with your music productions from anywhere, at home or away.

Also other factors that contribute to its portability aspect include its slim nature compared to other microKEY series and it is light weight only 1.43 pounds as well, making it a versatile device for the folks who want to work on their music as they travel around. It measures 395 millimeters (15.6 inches) wide, 131 millimeters tall (5.2 inches) and 53 millimeters (2 inches) thick. It is compatible with all computer-based music software, not forgetting that it is USB powered. MicroKEY is a perfect way to create your production setup. Wherever you are, you can lay out some tracks, and pop it into your back pack and go with it anywhere.


As for the performance, the keys have a really awesome feel since the blackKorg microKEY25 and white keys have been systematically arranged. Korg microKEY25 has a velocity-sensitive capability with its velocity-sensitive Natural Touch mini-keyboard and with an awesome responsiveness. No worry about lag or delay in sound.

With this keyboard it is easy to achieve optimal playability, easy chording, as well as rapid phrase work, since the black and white keys’ proportions have been adjusted well. There is much attention that is paid to the playing feel and the touch feel. Also you may find that with the ‘waterfall-type’ keyboard, it is quite easy to play glissandos since the keyboard itself will convey the dynamics of your performances accurately to your software.


Korg microKEY25 cannot lack a few setbacks or rather drawbacks, some of which on the number of buttons as well as their size. While portability has taken the keyboard onto a higher level, the keys are a source of limitation to folks who have really big hands or fingers. The small keys can prove to be hard to hit accurately, especially when you are making very complex movements. Reducing the number of buttons will also mean that you will be forced to do more layering separately when you want to put together more complex pieces that need notes across various octave changes.

Also when it comes to iPad compatibility, you need to buy an adapter since the device does not come with a compatible connecter. However, that does not affect its compatibility.

In general, it may be quite hard for microKEY25 to replace the larger series when it comes to doing any serious or complex sound work. However, this type of korg works pretty well when it comes to layering down ideas of quick stuff. It has a nice, quality feel with the pressure-sensitive keys. They tend to have the right give. So if you wish to have a portable keyboard which can perform quick functions then this one will work for you. With Korg microKEY25, you can achieve all that and at the same time take it anywhere you go without any worries. In short, it is worth the look.

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