Korg M3 Review

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Korg M3 review

Just like Hollywood who are the film masters, Korg is the reigning keyboard when it comes to quality sound. While Korg may be summing up more than a hundred keyboards, there is need to point out the legendary M series. Korg M3 to be precise is a replica of the first M series product of the 1988; M1, but way too advanced in terms of build and output.  A number of studios and live band workstations rock an M3 keyboard all stating different reasons for their preference in this sound generating masterpiece. Below is an in-depth Korg M3 review.

Korg M3

Description of Korg M3

In the M series, it represents the third generation Korg models. Korg M3 boasts of an elite and advance technology that was first witnessed in the elite OASYS workstation. Unlike OASYS, Korg M3 has a perfect classic synth sound, a powerful synthesis engine that works hand in hand with its Enhanced Definition Synthesis (EDS) KARMA MIDI sound generator. When it comes to style recognition, M3 has a unique way of doing this. Utilizing Korg second generation technology, the sound generators are developed in a way that not only redefines but also revolutionized the entire virtual accompaniment concept.

Honest Korg M3 Review

How unique is Korg M3? This workstation has a visualized hardware meant to improve Korg Komponent System and DAW integration. Actually, the improvement is a pioneered innovation of Korg developers. korg-m3-2Wondering how the improvement benefits you? Simple. Courtesy of the improvement, you can now expand your initial M3 workstation by simply mounting a second M3 module. For those with a love for integration, you can still mount a RADIAS-R sound engine to your Korg workstation. Once you do this, you are assured a quality system defined by its immense yet quality sonic capability.

Why pick Korg M3?

Being a 3rd generation workstation of the M series, it is developed a lot with user preferences in consideration. Indeed, M3 has 1028 multi-samplers, a pair of oscillators and 1606 drum samplers that can all be combined using topnotch velocity based parameters in a bid to boost its sound potential.  Still, you can use a controller to combine the samplers too and get super sound too. As for the product of the combination, you get to enjoy deeply resonating solo pianos. If you are the users who find pleasure in a mix of nicely blended sounds, you still get a chance to enjoy full orchestral ensembles or even the delicate yet stylish synth tones well known to have reigned the 70s and 80s. With this Korg M3, you still can get a fine guitar sound that can be generated alongside woodwinds. With such an impeccable expansion, it is the best piece for songwriters. Visit http://korgkeyboardsforsale.com/index.php/2016/09/26/get-the-best-sound-and-technology-with-honest-korg-keyboard-reviews/ for more Korg Keyboard Reviews.

Features of Korg M3

  • Has 4 models; 61 and 76 keys that are semi weighted, 88 key that is fully weighted and rack mount.
  • Has a super functioning Enhanced Definition Synthesis (EDS) that works at par with low aliasing oscillators, AMS mixers, drive parameters and filters.
  • Fitted with a KARMA MIDI function
  • Loaded with a 265MB ROM that involves the use of OASYS best sounds.
  • Has 1024 programs with 1664 possible.
  • Has 384 combinations with 1792 possible.
  • Fitted with a color touch view screen that functions too as an X/Y pad meant for any real-time control.
  • Its control surface is fitted with eight switches and slides
  • It has eight functioning velocity sensitive pads that are meant for triggering chords, notes and any controller messages
  • Has drum tracking superior features that provide an opportunity for songwriting, jamming and karma.
  • Has an open system for sampling
  • It has a 480 PPQ midi sequencer
  • Its librarian/ editor software can be used as a plug-in or stand-alone within host DAW
  • Has a Komponent system that allows addition of multiple modules

Tips to help you pick the best Korg M3 supplier


Hey! Do not be blinded with the burning desire to own an M3 workstation to an extent of purchasing one from anyone. There is a lot you have to consider when preparing to purchase a workstation. Listed below are some of the top tips to help you out.

  1. Get recommendations

More often you ask for recommendations when preparing to purchase something. It should be the same case when it comes to picking a Korg M3. Users will tell you the best shop that allows you to enjoy warranty and exchange services if need be.

  1. Pick authorized Korg dealers

Korg being a top keyboard, it is then sold by many merchants. So when it comes to picking a shop, go for the merchant whose store is authorized to offer sale of Korg workstations. One service you get to enjoy includes quality servicing and lower prices.

  1. Customer reviews

While you may purchase a good and functioning product from a shop, the sale services can either put you off or frustrate you a lot. For instance, a sales agent that only urges you to buy the piece without answering your needs or clarifying answers is a no-go zone.

  1. Shortlist the best supplier

After visiting some suppliers, you will have to settle for one. Shortlist the best and choose the one who satisfied your needs when it came to answering your questions, letting you test your piece and allows you to get a warranty for your piece.

  1. Discount

More often than not, Korg M series are offered discounts. Being top sound pieces, there is always a need to catch up with the latest news on their discounts. Who knows whether the discounted cash could purchase some other Korg product to blend with your keyboard? So be keen on prices.

In a nutshell, if you are looking for a workstation that is known for its superior output, then the Korg M3 is the dream keyboard you have been wishing for. Do not sit back and watch others enjoy their time playing the M3 keys. Get yourself one and complete your sound room with a Korg M3. This is the best honest Korg M3 review.

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