Why choose the Korg LP380 Keyboard?.

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Musical excellence comes from the quality of sound equipment used by a musician. If you happen to have a Korg keyboard among your equipment, then you are meant to achieve more than excellence – legendry glory in the music industry. Top music artistes like cold play have been found to be among the loyal fans of Korg products, among them the Korg LP380. With the LP380 being a descendent of LP180, it is however more advanced in technology. Below is a quick peek on its features.korg-lp380

What are some of the Features of Korg LP380 keyboard?

Sleek design

While most keyboard developers pay more attention to the quality of output sounds than outlook, Korg does it differently. The LP380 keyboard has a slender yet sleek design that makes it so appealing to the eye. Some players claim to have purchased it upon landing their eyes on it. Take a look at the white keyboard. Its finish is best described as icy white that not only makes it appear sleek but also distinct among other keyboards from the same manufacturer.

A sturdy folding cover that works on top-down mechanism is also present. For those fearing that the cover might lie on the keys ending up destroying them, well, things are different. Actually, the cover acts as a physical protection to the keys by easily covering them without coming into contact with them. Moreover, the cover has aesthetic advantages in that it gives the keyboard more sleekness.


What is a keyboard without pedals? It is a piano imitation that cannot offer much quality sound. To let you enjoy playing the Korg LP380 keyboard like you would have done with a grand piano, korg-lp380-4there are fitted pedals. The pedals are attached neatly to the firm base boarding. You then have a chance to enjoy not only soft but sostenuto while rocking from your seat.


How big is a ‘big keyboard’? Well, users have come out clear than any keyboard that is not easily portable is big. Considering the fact that the LP380 has a compact boarding, it is a big keyboard too. As for the dimensions, it is estimated to be about 53 inches in length, about 30.5 inches from the ground level and 14 inches in depth. Though the dimensions make it a big keyboard, its size is considered as perfect by those who have come across it. Its sleek design has cancelled the bigness make it a classy sound equipment.


Few keyboards can match the quality of LP380 sounds. This machine has close to 30 voices installed in it. To make retrieving easy, they are stored in 3 different but recognizable banks. Each bank has a button to help you choose one from the other. Moreover, present are five different and unique acoustic piano sounds, six digital electric piano sounds, pipe organs, harpsichord, strings, clavichords, choir and jazz. As for the assorted sounds, any player will go for them since there is everything needed to make up any great sound. Present too are 30 demo songs that a player can use when practicing. As for the 30 songs, they are different to enable a player recognize the difference and distinctness when practicing them.

Stereo system

Korg LP380 comes fitted with a Korg original Stereo Piano System. There is no need to connect your keyboard to a system of output stereos or amplifiers if you want to hear the beats and choruses you are playing. This Korg Stereo Piano System is well balanced to give you an exact sound output as played by you. There is clarity of sound to an extent you can pick out the faintest keys played.

The stereo system comes in handy when there is need to perform to an audience. As for loudness, rest assured that it is loud enough while not getting its quality distorted by the loudness. Do not hold down to a keyboard that needs to be connected to a system of amplifiers and speaker but upgrade to an LP380.

RH3 Key System

To maximize the 120 unique voices of polyphony, you need to be a master with the RH3 Key System. RH3 is Real Weighted Hammer Key action system that is behind the different weights of keys. Still, the keys allow for touch selection too.korg-lp380-3 Touch selection simply means you can choose to have your keys sensitive to a light, normal or heavy action. The light action makes the keys sensitive to any light touch while the normal selection makes them sensitive to the standard touch. However, things are different with the heavy action; you need to give the keys a hard touch for them to respond.


Have you ever fought the urge to connect your keyboard to a computer or another gadget? For sure you must have done so. To save you such troubles, there are a number of connectivity options you can benefit from. First is the MIDI connection support that facilitates importing of data from your computer to the machine with the greatest ease. Second is a jack port to allow connectivity to any other sound output device you may need to use. Lastly is an SD card slot to allow connection of a memory device to your keyboard.

You actually understand the benefit of recording or saving your practice in an easily retrievable manner. An SD card comes handy since you can easily keep track of your practice by plugging it in your computer or any other device and listening to your past sessions. As for the jack, you can connect a pair of headphones and let your tutor hear clearly what you are playing. Since you will not interfere with other players if you happen to be in a music class, you will enjoy the session with your tutor by easily maximizing on the jack connectivity port.

Korg LP380 is not just any other keyboard. It is a distinct instrument that if used right can offer you a lot of benefits. It is the key to the musical perfection you have been long seeking from other keyboards. Try this today!

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