Korg LP-180 Review

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To best describe a Korg keyboard, you have to mention both great performance and elegance. Most keyboard developer focus more on the sound quality sacrificing both look and appeal for sound output. However, Korg is a different keyboard manufacturer since all their products have a very appealing design. Well, Korg LP-180 stands out as the most appealing sound piece.Coming in two bold colors or plain white or black, you can easily match it with your interior décor. If by chance you are the few piano lovers who still need a pedal while playing the keys, then the LP-180 is perfectly fitted with a wired pedal. Still, it has a cover that exposes the keys when opened and protects them from any external damage when closed.

There is more to be explained about this unique Korg masterpiece. Below are its top features.

Unique features of Korg LP-180

Korg LP-180

Natural Weighted Hammer Action

What many refer to as NH keyboard is simply the elegant acoustic piano feel and soft touch. Since the original design used to be of a piano, this upgraded version has maintained most of its exterior designs. Actually, present are three distinct levels of key touch control that lets the keyboard respond accurately to the user-defined playing style.

While many keyboards have synthetic keys that feel so different from the Korg, LP-180 has natural keys that give you a chance to feel how a keyboard should feel.


Available are 10 high quality sounds that are all different. Still, there is a chorus and reverb sound for the users who can’t do without them. Other inbuilt sounds include:

  • Acoustic piano
  • Pipe organ
  • Vibraphone
  • Electric piano
  • String sounds

With this LP-180, you get everything in one piece. Indeed, all the mentioned sounds are as good as played on the original pieces. All you have to do is master your art in playing this piece and your sound output will be a good as you expect.


There are three pedals available for you. They are soft, damper and sustention pedals. As always, the soft and damper pedals are handy when intending to support the half-pedal operations that give you the chance to practice classical pieces with great expertise.

More featues of the Korg LP-180

Two headphone jacks

At the back of the piano are two jacks for headphones. If you are next on stage and need to practice your piece before the grand performance, you only need to plug in your headphones and play as you listen. If you are being coached by a musical tutor, then you can both plug in headphones and listen to your performance.

Why the defined-edge look?

A number of users have questioned as to why the Korg LP-180 has defined edges? To best answer you, the design simply gives the impression of a grand or tube piano. Since most of its sounds are from the two ancient pieces, there was the need to give modern users a chance to feel the touch of the old and priceless keyboards. Still, it has a cover on it to fully give you the impression of a wooden piano that were identified by their covers. Moreover, the design is so delicate that you blend with any interior décor without worrying about a terrible look.

If you still wonder why the colors are bold white and sparkling white, then wonder no more. A big lot of keyboards are being designed to allow a long range of colors but with Korg LP-180, things are different. You have to choose between the two colors since they best fit the sound piece. Instead of enticing you with fancy colors, you got to try its sound prowess. Indeed, you can create your own world with the tunes it generates.

How to pick the best Korg LP-180

Just like another delicate piece, there is a limited way of acquiring a Korg keyboard. Not that other ways are bad, but there is a single way to have the acquisition done right. The following is the best way to purchase a KorgLP-180

Identify your shopping storekorg-lp-180-2

It is advocated that you purchase a korg piece from a retailer or merchant but not from another person who owns one. There are so many benefits of doing this. For instance, by purchasing LP-180 from a store, you are sure of the original color but once you go for an owned piece, you may land on a pre-painted piece. Still, if the Korg piece you buy from the store has any defects, then you are sure of a replacement since you are covered by a warranty. However, if you buy the same piece from someone else and it develops defects, then be ready to cater for the repair services.

Ask for a user manual

There is more to Korg than just the keyboard itself. Most of its features are clearly outlined in its user guide manual. Actually, you will unlock most of its musical prowess once you follow the guide. Since there are so many upgrades done to Korg keyboards, you need to check the list of specifications.

A number of users have given testimonials of once underrating the potential of Korg LP-180 till they went through the manual and tried the things as outlined. It is the only way you can utilize its full functionality without much practice.

Test the keyboard yourself

Well, there is much to be done than just purchase and shipment. Always sample the keyboard before signing the purchase deal. Ensure that the keys and knobs are functioning as expected. If there is something that is not working out, then ask for assistance. Maybe it functions by pressing alongside another key.

If by chance you purchase your LP-180 from a Korg specialist, then you are privileged to have a short musical class on how to perfectly use it. As for Korg, forget about your expertise and distinctions in musical classes since it is an endless source of musical knowledge.

Let your sound have a Korg signature by playing the Korg LP-180 keyboard.

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