Korg Liverpool Keyboard and the Beatles

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Did you know that Korg Liverpool Keyboard and Beatles are connected? When the Beatles let out their secret to good music, every fan was surprised. The secret to their fine hits is the Korg Liverpool keyboard. While other top musicians and bands have acknowledged using it too, it has a unique set of features that make it irresistible. If you have a chance of laying your hands on a Korg Liverpool keyboard, then you will too establish an unquenchable thirst for its unique sounds. Below are its top features.
Korg Liverpool Keyboard

Unique features of Korg Liverpool Keyboard

Pre-loaded music

Ever heard any of McCartney or John Lennon’s songs? Well, they are hailed for their great tunes and songs to mention but a few of their achievements. To keep in line with music legends, Korg Liverpool comes with a hundred pre-loaded songs from them. With such pre-loaded songs, you can easily change their tempo or even transpose their original pitch to suit your choice. Once you do this, you can easily play along with them while you practice.

Inbuilt sounds

It also comes loaded with basic styles that you can play alongside your own chords when coming up with a new song. If you need to use certain instruments alone, there is an option for you to mute some while letting others play. You can mute the piano and play a guitar or wind instrument. Moreover, you can sing along by plugging a microphone in the 3.5mm jack present.

Though Korg Liverpool keyboard has borrowed much from the MicroArranger, the borrowed styles and sound are so dope. Among the sound selections available include bass, piano, guitar and string among other in-built sounds. To hear what you are playing and keep track of it, there are 4 in-built stereo effects which let you add finesse to your songs.


At times the need to import your own data arises and needs to be addressed. To help you out, there is a SD slot. Apart from importing data, you have an option to load some of the bonus Korg programs and bonus styles to your machine. There is an LCD screen for you to watch the beats you play as well as keep an eye on your musical progress.

As for the finish, Korg Liverpool keyboard stands out from the rest. It has a blue finish that is fitted with a jack on its top panel.korg-liverpool-keyboard-3

Why should you have a Korg Liverpool Keyboard?

Are you afraid of musical success? If no, then you got to try this keyboard. It is your only chance to create your own musical masterpieces with trending beats and sounds. Indeed, it is the easiest keyboard to play since there is a manual to help you out. Once you start practicing what is in the manual, you will discover how loaded this Korg is with sounds and styles.

Being portable, you can easily carry it with you to any of your gigs or performances without involving a moving company. Moreover, it has a strong body that will not break when subjected to light strikes like knocking the corridor sides when taking it downstairs.

Korg ARP Odyssey Duo phonic Synthesizer

Ever used a Duo phonic synthesizer before? If not, then try the Korg ARP Odyssey. Reason most bands include this synthesizer in their list of instruments is because of its filter types. Indeed, there are all 3 types of filters present and working as their original modes. Well, there is so much modification done on it that includes reducing its size to 80% of its original to cater for portability.

For those that mind appearance, Korg ARP has a compact body that is slim enough to give it a sleek appearance. To boost its appearance, this keyboard has 3 octaves that have full-size keys. They are:

  • 12 dB/ Oct
  • 24 dB/Oct
  • Type III filter

There is a ¼ inch connectivity jack to enable plugging of headphones when you need to hear your work when playing. It is by hearing your work that you can know the true analog sounds which modern synthesizers have failed to replicate.  Moreover, there is a USB port and SD card to allow you import data into your Korg machine.

Outer appearance

A VCA distort is available just in case you need to blend your vintage and modern tones. Actually, this VCA is the secret to most of the music in legendary movies. If you are the party hopper, you can still move with your Korg Odyssey duo phonic synthesizer without caring for any accident or damage.Korg Liverpool Keyboard

Factors to consider when testing a Korg keyboard

Before purchase, you should test your Korg to hear its sound. While it is rare to get a Korg with a generic sound, there is need to test its inbuilt sounds. At times they are so many but you cannot access them easily without the help of an instructor who happens to be your merchant.

As for who should test it, it should be you. Why not the merchant? Because if you lay your hands on it, you will just fall in love. Moreover, you may give the manual a shot while at the store. Try some of the sounds while at the store so as to get a quick response on anything you may need clarification on. For instance, you may need to balance your stereo system before using it.  Others claim to lack the best jacks for the Korg keyboards. If this is the case, then you have an option to buy any product related to Korg while at the store.

Let your musical performances be unique by using a Liverpool Professional Arranger or an ARP Odyssey Duo phonic Synthesizer. Purchasing them may cost you but you get a product that is worth your money. Its worth comes from the cheer and standing ovation you get from your crowd. If a tutor guides you in using your keyboard, then you can be successful in your musical career. Be unique by using a Korg Liverpool keyboard.

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