Korg Krome Review and Triton Review

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Korg Krome Review and Triton Review

It is a workstation from the future. Seven in every ten songwriters mention Korg Krome among the best Korg machines that utilize their advanced sound technologies. If you were a student taking music classes, you are assured of a redefined expectation when it comes to sound instruments. Why is this so? Korg Krome offers unlooped key samples that are in full-length. Indeed, your music is set to have a vivid inspiration due to its limitless provision of a palette of sound.

Why choose Korg Krome? Korg Krome review in detail

Korg Krome

While there are so many reasons as to why you should pick Krome among other Korg workstations, mentioned below are top reasons based on its superior features. First, Korg krome is available in 62 synch action keys and 88-key full-weighted keys. Also, it has 120 voices or oscillators that are in single mode. For inspiration, there are 600 drum grooves present alongside 900 arp features. With such superior features, there is need to extend its operation to your computer. To do this, you need its downloadable plug-in editor that allows you to operate Krome-61 simply like a plug-in from your computer-based workstation DAW.

When it comes to tracking your activities, Korg Krome boasts of a touch screen display that also eases your navigation.  Indeed, with such a display, you can easily pick one of the over 288 combinations and 640 sounds. Among the sounds and combination is the German D grand piano and Krome Jazz drums.

High quality sounds

Ever wondered why Korg Krome is crowned the sounds’ master? If no, then here is the reason why.  This workstation is packed with lots of high-quality sounds most of which are either string or piano sounds. Such sounds are believed to evoke rich memories of house tunes or jazz beats. Actually, there are lots of acidic bass sounds that are backed with quality effects. If you are a pro, then you can easily combine single instruments to one piece to generate any sound that you wish for.

Why have Korg Krome workstations?

Well, guess you are expecting an entire list of reasons. While there is an endless list on why to own a Korg Krome, consider the top reasons. First, it is easier to use. Forget the complicated keyboards you used in music school that were developed in the early 80s and have been used ever since. With a Korg Krome, you have a chance to sample most of the recent innovations when it comes to advanced keyboard technologies.


Still, it offers more than you expect. Try going through the manual and you will realize that there is more to be learned than you already know. This is the best reason to own a Krome piece. Actually, you get a chance to teach yourself new lessons when it comes to generating music.  If you thought music classes came to a halt, then you are wrong buddy.

Lastly, you are meant to enjoy our entire sound generation. It is your chance to rise up and shine. It is time to be the sound legend that every ear has been waiting to hear. It is time to maximize the features of your Korg Krome and unlock its entire potential. Yeah, there is more to achieve than just play your favorite jams. Korg Krome is like a charm that you have to work it out to get the best from it.

Korg Triton – Is it better than Korg Krome review?

Guess you have heard of the Korg Triton series and you have been wishing to lay hands on one of the pieces. While the keyboards are believed to be gems, owning one is better than using another. Though their production has been discontinued for a tentative period, you still have a chance to find one still in the stores or at top sound rooms.

Many believe Korg Triton is a direct descendant of the hailed Trinity series. Though they are functioning more of the same, there is a big difference between the two. Korg Triton boasts of improved workstations such as:

  • Korg Triton Classic
  • Korg Triton Pro
  • Korg Triton Pro X

These are some of the Triton models that have 76 and 88 keys. However, some Triton workstations have 62-note polyphony making them the most improved sound pieces.  Others have arpeggiator onboard sampler, a real-time controller that is well integrated with a sampler RAM, quicker operating system and lots of piano samples.

Korg Krome review

To cater for the sound gurus, Korg Triton workstations come with limited 2-track ability to audio record in its studio. For instance, Triton Extreme is fitted with a track sampling support that enables a user to record stereo samples in context with any of the MDI sequencers.

Features of Korg Triton series

  1. Available in all 61, 76 and 88 keys
  2. Has a 32/ 64 MB RAM
  3. Has a 62 smooth key polyphony
  4. Has 25 working reverbs
  5. Has 30 loaded choruses
  6. It has 5 master Eqs
  7. It is fitted with four knobs
  8. It has a sensitive touch screen display
  9. It has an eight-track sequencer that works hand in hand with eight loaded pattern tracks
  10. It has a modulation wheel

Reasons to own a Korg Triton keyboard

Have you ever wished to stage a live band performance? If yes, then how do you plan to do it? If you have no clue, then consider having a Korg Triton workstation. Being a lightweight keyboard, you can easily carry it to any stage without the risk of it falling or including a moving team to help you transport it. You can move it alone and mount it on any stage all by yourself.

Still, it has a perfect audio output that will give your audience more than they expected. For instance, it has clear and defined sound tracks that are meant to quench your audience’s thirst for quality sounds. If you are a songwriter, then you are about to pump inspiration into your piece by keying a Korg Triton.

Be a hero – Let your sound be defined by Korg pieces you are using.

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