Korg Buying Guide – Part 2

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Earlier we compiled part 1 of Korg buying guide and here is part 2 of the same series.

Korg Keyboard Workstations

A Korg keyboard workstation is a world built for professional keyboard players to exercise their creative in terms of song crafting, recording, editing and even finalising. Some say it is a platform for them to compose, record and produce songs. Most workstations have been well equipped in order to achieve quite a number of recording features such as an internal hard drive, ability to record audio, in-built CD burners, multitrack record and much more.Korg SP170DX keyboard

However, it may not be as easy as you think when it comes to choosing a workstation. First thing you need to do is to ensure that it provides enough polyphony to handle the passages you will want to play or record. Note that, the notes from the total polyphony of the workstation are subtracted on any track. The more the notes can be handled by the unit, the more you will have a chance to make good use of the recording features.

If you are bit keener, you will notice that most workstations have sound sets that rival those of top synthesizers. How is it so? During production, manufacturers understand that device is likely to be used for composing and recording therefore, they equip them with massive sound libraries. In these devices you are likely to find a large array of instruments such as pianos, guitars, horns, strings, drums and many more. With all these the keyboard becomes a studio station with the whole studio set in a box.  Korg Keyboard Workstation is the best.

Another factor you should look out for is compatibility especially computer connectivity which is very important when it comes to having a workstation. It will allow you to synch your workstation with the computer recording software easily. Most of the workstations come with either MIDI or USB connections while some use a mLAN interface that takes care of the MIDI and audio transfers to and from other devices within your recording network via FireWire cable. Most workstations have ensured that you have been provided with audio inputs or be able to record instruments directly.

If you are looking for quick access to notes and/or samples then you should consider trigger pads. They are valuable when it comes to your Korg Keyboard Workstation. They work best when it comes to laying down quick beats and loops and they suit Hip-hop and modern R&B producers, though they are fit for use in other situations.

Sampler is also a valuable factor that most workstations incorporate. It is a very worthwhile feature especially if you are the type to experiment with sounds outside standard instrument realm. Having a sampler means that it is possible to import any digitized sound one can think of and then use it in the music you create.

Every Korg Keyboard Workstation is designed for any player who is experienced with sequencing and recording. They are very powerful instruments such that if you are planning to buy workstations as your first keyboard then you may be a little over your head. This is now where the next category comes.

Arranger Keyboards

Every studio needs a composer, a songwriter, just like every workstation needs an arranger. They are portable-style keyboards that have sound engines which are very professional and a number of compositional tools that help enhance the song writing process. Arrangers are sometimes referred to as band-in-a-box and they are capable of providing sounds and sequencing tools that are necessary to flesh out an idea or even create a full-fledged song. Very powerful when it comes to live performances, arrangers are the ideal one-man band equipped.Korg SP250

Though many have very awesome or great sound engines, the scope of available sounds isn’t all that wide like that of the workstation. Arrangers tend to offer a very good selection, when it comes to main sounds that you may need for a live-band type of feel like drum, piano, organ and horns.

As for style, there is a wide range offered by arrangers that enables one to tune their instrument to their particular brand of music. This device is very advantageous to both composers and live performances since you can in your chord progression, choose the style you are looking for then immediately you will have an instant Jazz, Rock, Latin, or any other feel you may need to add with a band behind it.

Arrangers are also considered the best learning tools since they help to familiarise themselves with many sounds as well as patterns of different styles of music. With arrangers, you can work backwards through any style in order to learn how it works as well as its elements since they are automated than workstations.

Portable Keyboards

Portable keyboards are mostly designed for beginner players since their sequencing functions are much more basic than those of arrangers. Also most of the functions include learning functions that help the beginners manage to find their way around the keyboard as well as sequencers.korg-sp250

Most of the portable keyboards are known to feature USB connectivity. This helps in transferring sounds to and from your computer or even the internet. It will also allow one to save projects and even download songs that one can use for karaoke. If playing keyboard is something you are just starting then this one will work for you regardless of whether or not you have played any instrument before. It will help in the greatest way possible and at the same time provide fun and entertainment as you continue with the learning process.

Getting to understand keyboards according to their functions is the best way since you will have better judgement when it comes to shopping for any keyboard related stuff. All you need to do is read a little and all the answers of the questions you might be having at the moment may be there. From there, choose not only on what you think is style but appropriate like if you are a beginner, or if it is your first keyboard, focus on arrangers rather than workstations. Get to enjoy music at the most affordable price ever.

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