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Korg keyboard controller is a device that interfaces the keyboard to a computer, with a function of informing the computer when the key is pressed or even released. As soon as the data arrives, then the controller raises an interrupt for the CPU to be able to handle the input. In case the keyboard is a separate peripheral system unit then the keyboard controller is not attached to the keys directly. However, it receives scan codes from a microcontroller within the keyboard through some kind of serial interface and by sending data back to the keyboard via the wire, the controller controls the keyboard’s LEDs.

Korg Keyboard controller

This is the bit you need to understand about keyboard controllers, especially the Korg Keyboard controllers.

Korg keyboard controllers are very simple to operate and very affordable than other keyboard controller. Most of them are quite exceptionally light when it comes to weight. This enhances their portability aspect. Their keys are velocity-sensitive and considering their price, their keys feel pretty nice. It is USB powered which reduces the hassle you will go through with an adapter. Any of the Korg keyboard controllers usually use single software which is the KORG KONTROL EDITOR; therefore there is no need for you to download any more software. The whole series of Korg Keyboard controller is super affordable and very simple which keeps it on the front line for purchasing.

Triton taktile controller

Triton is not just a simple keyboard controller put a controller with in-built sounds of the legendary workstation. It features a very stylish design that projects a sense of functionality, professionalism and at the same time style. The features and functions embedded on it are what make it fun to play as well as use. They include – the touch pad which allows you to play melodies, the trigger pads that allow you to generate chord in key and an arpeggiator that includes many rhythm patterns. All these work to deliver the same functionality that one would expect from a MIDI controller, providing all of the basic controller such as sliders and switches. It also ensures that the setup is made easy so you can start producing right away. This keyboard is very compact and very light in weight that you can carry anywhere. It also presents a full array of DAW pre-sets with a basic functionality which simply connects whenever you start playing.Korg Keyboard controller (2)

Also TRITON tactile has up to 512 sounds originating from the TRITON. It is ranked as the best-selling music workstation which is loved by top-ranking musicians all over the world. You can easily shift from operating only on your desktop to operating on stage performances.

Korg MicroKEY 61 Mini-Key Controller

Some of the features that put this type of Korg keyboard controller on the lime light are the slim nature, portability and ready to play aspect. Korg MicroKEY 61 is very elegant yet very simple since it allows you to play comfortably across 6 octaves. It puts the basic functionality over the frills providing you with a set of keys that are excellently playable anytime you need them.

With MicroKEY you can achieve extended playing and at the same time enjoy its slimness and its light weight contributing to its portability. There are dedicated pitch and mod wheels that come in handy. For compatibility purposes, it is easy to power it from your iPad or iPhone; you can use USB cable. Adding a touch of natural expression is possible. There is also an optional sustain pedal that can be plugged in for damper control. With all these features embedded on it while still maintaining its portability aspect then you can safely choose this as the Korg keyboard Controller you may want to look into.

It also uses software from Korg, UVI, AAS, Propeller head, and Ableton. There is a core MIDI compatibility which provides ply-and-play compatibility with any of the Mac-computer or even the iOS mobile device.

Things you need to look at when buying a Korg keyboard controller

There are a few valuable questions you may require to put into considerations which include:


You need to determine your price range, from which you can purchase. From $100 to $500, it should be a question to ask yourself.

How many keys would you like your controller to have?

 There are many options which include a mini-computer 25, 32, 37, 49, the popular 61 keys and the highest 88 keys.

What type of key-make would you like?

You can weigh your option between its synth-action, semi-weighted, or full-weighted or even equipped with an after-touch. You can choose any depending on your preference.

Portability and its importance to you

Sometimes achieving all the amazing features could be all that one may care about, regardless of whether the keyboard controller is big or not in size. You need to check whether the small size is important to you. If it is then then you need to put it into consideration.

Do you want MIDI pads with your Korg Keyboard controller?

These days, many keyboards are coming out with drum pads which are kept within a range of 8-16 counts with 3-4 possible banks. You can check and decide which one works best for you.

Are there any other functions desired?

Aside all the normal functions that come with the keyboard controller, there are other functions you may desire to have. Such functions include; knobs, buttons, faders, mod, arpeggiator, and pitch bend wheels. Also, there are other various functions that one can look into, like the performance control.

Is it necessary to have the software bundle included with keyboard?

When reviewing the MIDI keyboard controllers, you will notice that some come with hefty programs as well as VST’s while others do not. However, when it comes to Korg, there is software that comes with it. Though you may need it, you can still choose whether or not it can be bundled along with the keyboard.

Bet by now you know which one is best for you, therefore you can now give Korg keyboard controller a shot.

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