Korg HAVIAN 30 Digital Ensemble Piano

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Would you like to have a Korg Havian at affordable prices? If you can remember before the age of the first microprocessors and big flat screen TV displaying, the centrepiece of any living room was a grand piano, which is also considered to be the latest luxury status symbol in places like China and Arab Emirates.

However, coming into the 21st century, the ownership of an acoustic piano is limited since most people live in small spaced houses, with noise considerations. The expense is much and there is rather a larger mobile population. This is where companies like Korg step in to offer equivalents at a variety of price and at the same time resemble the feel and look of a piano, also known as a keyboard.  Korg Havian

Korg Havian 30 is one of the keyboards produced by Korg. It is rather slim, and light enough for portability purposes. It is a very sleek keyboard though considered to be a very complex instrument. This might be the keyboard you are looking for. A well-equipped, yet portable keyboard is what many consider the ideal keyboard for them.


Korg Havian (pronounced as hah’-vee-ahn) 30 focuses on home as well as school and not on shows or gigs playing a solo act with an arranger. It has an 88-key weighted hammer action with velocity that helps give it an acoustic feel. The keyboard has Dual 25W amps that drive the bass-reflex on board amplification system with two 4” speakers.

It contains 64 drum kits that focus on maximum quality sound production with 256 user-edited sounds and 128 user-edited drum kits. There are so many sounds within it as you would expect in grand pianos. Also along with it comes guitar, brass, strings, bass, synth, a General MIDI set.

There is an auto-accompaniment engine that folds in arranger keyboard features with its 420 factory styles. It is possible to play back MP3 files record or record your tracks while playing and save them as MP3 files that have three variable bit rate quality levels.

The keyboard is embedded with four stereo effects blocks that provide 125 types of effects, as well as a 3-band EQ for each of the tracks with a master effects block that has a limiter and a 4-band parametric. Also the keyboard has a damper resonance with a damper pedal that offers support to half-pedalling.


You can easily find your way around without using the manual, by just pushing a few buttons and listening to their sounds. You can get very far into the arranger functions without much reading. It is like having fun at the first sight of the keyboard without following the manual. However, it is important that you stick to the manual to avoid missing out on the amazing features you are less likely to notice.Korg Havian (3)

You can switch among styles since it is gapless. Then sampling known by Korg shows quite a range as well as quality of sound, ensuring they are excellent and lack the cheesy quality that you may hear sometimes from arrangers.

Korg is also familiar with the touch screen operating systems. There is always a data wheel for the tight screens that aren’t ‘fat-finger-friendly’. This is very much preferable by many since it means that it enhances its flexibility in terms of who will be playing it or where. Every Korg series has a searchable Song Book database that consists of fields of names of artists, genre, and tempo. With this it is possible for one to find songs and performance settings wherever you are.

The realism of the piano is enhanced by a few other features such as the programmable pedal, and resonance options. So you can play the keyboard and still feel like you have a grand piano by your side. As for connectivity, the well-known modern alternative of connection, MIDI as compared to a 5-pin DIN connection is used.

There isn’t a lot of I/O but the USB port is of much help to the keyboard as well. It is suitable for storage where no complex or necessary formatting is required for USB sticks or drives. It is also important for computer connections.

Also with the USB port you can freely modify and record styles and also you are able to create your own music making the device more than just a ‘set and forget’ accompanist.


If you are looking for a keyboard that completely combines all the features and at the same time allow for movement to any place you would want,Korg Havian Korg Havian is the one for you. It may look very simple on the surface and very easy when it comes to navigating but it is all that sophisticated under the hood. However, there is more to learn when it comes to exploring the current market of keyboards.

If you are looking for a home based piano by price range then be ready to have limited choices with less stylish keyboards. It is difficult to purchase an expensive piano yet worth it if you have started to save some money with the right intentions. Despite Korg Havian being quite affordable, it is a more high-end product and is designed to address many players of different levels, whether you are a beginner or a serious professional player. Just do a bit of diving in by taking advantage of the features it has in the contemporary workstations.

If you are looking for a home piano the Korg Havian 30 will kill it. You can get more for less. If you are looking for a keyboard the combines many features in such a small space, an 88-key weighted keyboard to ensure less resistance when playing up the keys, good quality sound from the audio outputs, a self-contained sound system that ensures you can play anywhere without use of a microphone, with considerable flexibility and fun while playing, then you need not look further, Havian 30 is the answer.

Go get yourself Korg Havian 30 keyboard, and get a chance to ensure what people call quality at the most affordable price.

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