Why Choose Korg Electribe For Your Music?

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Korg series are amazingly on the fore front with superb features, one of them being Korg electribe. From the first generation of keyboards, Korg electribe is one of the keyboards that have been well revised and designed for about 16 years tops. It has managed to achieve direct control over the sequencer as well as the sound engines making them a lot fun to work with.

Korg electribe is well equipped with effects, motion recording valves and quite a number of individual outputs. Every part of this keyboard is tooled up with awesome effect, polyphony, and velocity as well. Starting from the keys to the drum pads, the effects felt by a person playing the keyboard is great; since it has been equipped with the latest technology there is, as an improvement or a modification of it to produce better results.

It is convenient for quite a number of functions. Some of which include live performances on shows, gigs and other functions, music production in different stations. These functions have been supported by grooves and sequencers embedded in the keyboard. In other words, with Korg electribe you can manage to achieve an awesome live performance.

Korg Electribe

Appearance of a Korg Electribe

Electribe itself is grey in colour with a touch of black lining on the edges. The buttons and the knobs are black with a grey background, a grey Kaoss pad and 16 drum pads that have been made with a slightly darker grey rubber. The appearance acts as an inspiration for more confidence when playing on any show or gig.

When it comes to live performances, there a few value leaps that occur in case your key board is missing components such as the catch and value scale. However, with Korg electribe, the awkward value-leaps are eliminated. Instead with minor adjustments on the value and maintaining of the catch mode at its original state can help make your live performance an amazing factor to look forward to everyday. Value is changed relatively till the extent of the knob is reached while the catch mode is made simpler for use therefore one need not make any changes.

Electribe is embedded with LCD which is considered as a very informative component. A few other components include the encoders that are well illuminated, where four of them work to reduce any accidental grabbing of the main value encoder.

Sound production

Korg Electribe has a series of sound creation components. They are divided into sections: Oscillators, filters, modulation, Amp/EG and insert FX. It is possible to transpose and tweak oscillator selection via a single edit knob. The most relevant parameters for any current choice you may please are adjusted by the same edit knob.

Other sound components include kicks, snare, and clap, hi-hats classic drums, 56 raw and PCM bass drums. They are well represented and are of good quality with diverse variety. They work on mass sound production throughout the performance.

There is a fairly diverse bag of percussion including four darbukas, four djembes, eight wavedrum and synthetic instruments. All of them work best to provide firm bedrock for your tracks.Korg Electribe

When it comes to stereo signals, the ‘Audio in thru’ is readily available for a quick and easy sub mixer. All you need to do is navigate its parameters in the global settings. Input level control is more accessible. In the filters sections there are few other dedicated controls which include: a smooth cut off encoder as well as a bi-polar envelop depth. They all appear within each mode. However if you are looking to venture more in the filters, they can be easily accessed by repeated button.

When it comes to controlling over depth and speed, electribe is embedded with single modulation bus connection that consists of up to 72 pre-set connections. All these sound features make the live performance a major function for electribe.


Korg electribe has quite a number of effects that are equally valuable throughout the whole system. These effects include the slicer and repeater. Others are active reverb which works as a master effect. Any part of the button of the keyboard has a master effect or an MFX that work to produce good quality music throughout the performance.

In this sector of effects, the Kaoss pad is introduced very well in play, since it is responsible for the drums which provide bedrock for all the tracks you may want to create on stage or even in music production stations.

With reverb decay and mix parameters mapped, all the patterns created are easily served. So from there if you are looking to shift rocks you can do so with the master effect. This will help you get all manners of unending fun through and through. Without forgetting, the looper and pitch are well represented too.

Modes and music making

Music making process is quite easy however when you are using Korg electribe, there is no need to get into details. You can freely record dynamic percussions and synth performances by simple bashing of the pads. The sequencer mode is used as well as a few buttons, to produce patterns in which one can create a single tune, or a number of tunes. This is one of the advantages that electribe has over other Korg keyboards.Korg Electribe

As much as Korg electribe is considered a music production centre, there are a few things one needs to put in mind; it is all about performances on shows, gigs or in church. The two factors have been supported well by a number of other things for instance: 16 parts and 24 note polyphony making it an awesome music production work station while good groove, being battery-powered and lap-sized make it an awesome gadget for any live performance available.

As seen, it features quite a number of complement drums, synth and other instrument sounds. Also, there are a few unmentioned features such as stereo-quarter inch audio output embedded on the back panels and 3.5 mm sockets. It also has audio input synch, MIDI, a headphone port as well as a socket for the external PSU. With all these, it is easy to write patterns during any playback.

For any type of performance or music production you should consider making Korg electribe your number one priority.

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