Korg Digital Piano Buying Guide – Part 3

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Getting Started with Playing the Piano

Korg portable keyboards are designed especially for beginners and are equipped with tools that help one to learn to play piano any day. While professional teachers and pianists are considered the best way to learn, keep in mind that there are other many resources that are available to offer help to any keyboard student who would like to develop their skills. Some of these include a myriad of teaching methods, books, CDs, and DVDs all of which work with an aim to make you better at keyboard playing. There are some age-specific tutorials as well as piano methods that are designed for kids or adults. Many of these have simplified chord-based approaches that will have you learn a lot in such a short time. Get to choose what you prefer before settling to start learning any skill.

Digital Pianos – Korg Digital Piano

Digital pianos are of two different categories that have been set aside depending on their intended use. When it comes to home piano, console pianos are generally used while for performance where portability is a factor, stage pianos are generally used. What differs in both is the interior design since most of the stage and home pianos have the same electronic ‘guts’ as well as sounds. However, what makes console piano the ideal piano for home use is the fact that it incorporates the traditional cabinet design elements other than sounds of the piano.

There are a few elements to consider when buying a Korg Digital Piano, some of which include responsiveness of the keys, the sound quality, speaker system and the amplifier and also the design that best suits your preference. Most of the digital pianos have comprehensive learning systems that are ideal for beginners in keyboard playing.

As you may know, weighted keyboards give the real feel of a grand piano as you play. Adding hammer action on the other hand makes a traditional piano’s feel a lot closer, easing the transition between digital and acoustic pianos. Most Korg Digital Pianos are equipped with 88 keys, while others are equipped with 61 keys. The real feel is stimulated with such features in the keyboard.

Any sound produced by a Korg Digital Piano is independent of the samples that have been embedded in it. This is because most of them acquire their samples from high-end acoustic pianos so all the sound are of good quality. Many manufacturers offer sound clips of their pianos. If you get a chance to listen carefully for any nuances like decay and sustain of an instrument then you will get to know which piano to pick during purchase.

Amplification is another significant factor when it comes to purchasing any keyboard. Depending on the amount of space you have in your house you need to choose a keyboard that will fit in the allocated area. This means that if you have a very small space then you should look for a keyboard that is self-contained with internal amplifier and speakers.korg-minilogue-or-korg-microarranger-mar-1

However, if you are looking for a stage piano then you will need to use output devices like external amplifier and speakers. This is to ensure that it reaches many people while performing. For the real feel and real sound quality Korg Digital Piano should be the right choice.

Electronic Organs

Good electronic organs can do wonders to spice up your performance, especially if they are the modern ones. They have the ability to capture retro sound without prompting someone to pay a lot. Most organs today are fond of replicating subtle nuances of old-school organs all the way to their key-thunk! Digital modelling is the in thing today to the organs while they incorporate drawbacks like traditional organ to change sound. Features like effects, modulations wheels, pitch bend and MIDI compatibility are embedded into the digital pianos.

Keyboard MIDI Controllers

When it comes to purchasing MIDI controller, before buying you need to define what you need to control as well as the amount of control you need. MIDI controllers come in different forms where the most common ones have keys. They come in different number of keys and different response characteristics such as the velocity-sensitivity which involves responding to the speed with which they have been pressed, weighted which gives the keyboard a more realistic feel, and the after touch which allows additional parameters to be assigned to a key for instance vibrato.

MIDI Control Surfaces

You should note that not all MIDI controllers have keyboards. They are likely to come in different forms including control surfaces which are responsible for controlling software mixer like combinations controllers which come with keys, knobs and sliders and wind controllers, they also come in drum pads. When thinking of a MIDI controller, the first question you should consider asking yourself is what you will be controlling. This will help you identify the type of controller you need whatever features it may have and controls it is likely to offer. For instance, if your focus is only synth then you will most definitely need a keyboard-style controller that suits your preference. From there the focus shifts to deciding whether or not additional buttons, sliders, or trigger pads, are necessary for you and whether or not they can be used on your setup. These days, people have started opting for robust computer setup that has a comprehensive MIDI controller, due to the power that is being offered by software synths, sequencers, and recording programs. As for others, the attention shift to mobile solutions using a control surface is a better way to control the IOS and Android music-production apps.

Summing Up

At the moment you should have at least a rough idea on what you should look for when purchasing anything related to keyboards. It is not some vague information in the middle of a preview that leaves you unsatisfied. If you are actually looking for a keyboard then this should be a very easy process for you. Just go and find yourself a gadget that fits not only your preference and purpose but something that ranges within your budget. Therefore, get buying and enjoy music at the most affordable price ever.

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