Korg Ax Series

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Korg ax series is one of a kind. It has been well known for putting amp simulation and effects into compact and at the same time portable practice and recording packages. Coming out with the ax series is sure takeover of the techno world with creative innovations with maximum implementations.

Though most of the models in this series may differ in terms of features, there are certain things one cannot disagree upon. They include – simplicity in terms of use. You do not require having any special skills just to work your way around it. Also affordability is another aspect. It is cheap and you get a chance to enjoy what most may get from other brands at daring price. It is like music is brought closer to you all day long.

Below is short preview of the Korg ax series:

Korg AX3G

Korg ax3g is the latest incarnation of ten AX series processors which seems to be bridging the gap between the two strands. It is still being presented in stomp box style with footswitches. It appears to be a bit smaller than the previous AX model and operates a lot at home like the Amp works. AX3G is a perfect battery-powered pedal that can be used to achieve home recording and practice functions of the Pandora. It is adequately equipped for proper stage performances.

Korg AX3G has up to 80 programs on-board where 40 are user-editable for purposes of storing one’s own sounds. Each of the programs has been made with a program of edited effects blocks which include the pre-FX, delay/reverb, noise reduction, cabinet, modulation, and drive/amp. It is possible to choose a specific effect for each block from a total of 57 varieties.

AX3G’s casing is made of plastic and the two footswitches have different uses. These uses depend on the mode you are in at that moment. The editing functions of the Korg AX3G are taken care of by rotary switches, a pair of cursors and the rotary knob as well. Output is made possible through the TRS jack socket which works to send a stereo signal to the Headphones or even Mixer, for compatibility.Korg ax

Korg AX3000B

Korg AX3000B pedal is known to give great sound samples with amazing synths, at an affordable price. The flange and the overdrive patch give out an amazing mix whenever a song is recorded or even a mix is made. The amp modeling is very decent and the delays as well as the reverb sounds are pretty good and warm. The chassis itself is pretty tough which increases its durability.

Some may find the chorus, filter, phase, sub octave and certain synth sounds to be among the best on the market, when it comes to this pedal. The envelope filter is really impressive since, with it, you can easily program the control footswitch to turn a sub octave on or off.

Also when you kick it on the sub octave, the dynamics of the filter remain to be just fine like nothing messes them up. Compatibility is awesome. You can connect your headphones. To some the compressor is harsh and the exciter sounds as well. The synth, fretless simulation, the pitch shifter and the slow attack to some sound very disappointing. However, how this pedal has managed to take the simplicity and turn it into a rich sound is what most keyboard players fail to understand, which leaves this yet another instrument you may need to explore more.

Korg AX1500g

Korg AX1500G pedals offer good quality sound worldwide. It does so at a very good price altogether. Works great when it comes to live gigs and in bars or even coffee shops since it offers professional sound. It is easy to operate even for the semi-skilled players.

Korg ax1500g features the best Multi-effects unit at an affordable price ever. The unit is capable of doing everything you require and even more. It is made of metal, mostly steel and it has very smooth controls.

When it comes to the tone works, one can easily create whatever sound they want. The FX variety is enough and there is also a possibility of having more combinations. It doesn’t make noise unless you want it to. It works best for home use, in the studio, for stage performances or even for home recording when you are composing songs.

Korg AX1500G is very nice and at the same time very affordable. It is durable and pretty tough. With all these features, some may think it is complicated when it is not. In fact, it is very simple to use. The lights wow many whenever they light up in the dark, some say it is sexy. All in all this is the best choice for most people who are looking for processor since it doesn’t require any special skills to operate it.

Korg AX100g

Korg AX100G is one the most affordable instrument ever. It is less noisy in the pedal chain and the rhythms appear to be just fine to work with or practice with. However they are very simple. The looper is great. After looping you can easily control the length of the loops with the pedal which in turn makes a stuttering sound like a DJ on a deck scratching Korg axa record. The distortions are amazing and are geared towards Metal. The delays of this pedal are good ring mode and the Pitch shifter is awesome since it is possible for one to control them by pedaling. They are known to make squealing sounds that seem fun to some.

Korg AX100G produces amazing sound and one can actually get a good tone from it. The drive amps are pretty amazing and sound very close to the real thing with the Brit Stack, Tube OD, and US Hi-Gain standing out. It is very versatile and affordable. This instrument works perfectly for songs of genres like blues, rock and even hard rock. Every feature is terrific, though some may fear the fact that it is made of plastic. It is something you can work with at home in your comfort zone without worrying that anyone may dislike your performance you have in store.

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