Korg Accessories Will Make Your Music Experience Better

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Once you have chosen the right Korg keyboard for you, you will also want to check out the many accessories that Korg offers to make your musical experience better. Many of the Korg accessories are available at affordable prices. These accessories are designed with Korg keyboards in mind, so it is a great place to look when you need something extra added to your system. These accessories include pedals or foot controllers, keyboard cases, keyboard stands or benches, speaker systems, AC adapters and cables.  Everything you need to go along with your keyboard is available all in one place.

Korg has been around for many years, with extensive experience and cutting edge technology when it comes to keyboards and keyboard accessories. You will be hard pressed to find anything better.

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Korg pedals and foot controllers – popular Korg accessories

Korg, being the most advanced company creating keyboards today, has the pedals you need to bring your sound to the next level. There are many different styles and designs with different capabilities so that you can find just the right one you need. Here are a few examples of the pedal accessories created by Korg:

  • The XVP-20 is the updated version of Korg’s most popular pedal. It was designed with a tough aluminum body and a stylish look. It delivers stability and more accurate performance in a very compact form. New features such as the use of rubber to allow enhanced grip and improved gears that provide smoother operation and very fine resolution for more accurate performance have been added. This high quality pedal will work with any Korg keyboard you may have.
  • The PS-3 pedal switch is a compact pedal switch that is supporting on stage. It is used as a damper switch or as a control switch for functions such as start and stop. With its attached cable, you do not need anything extra. Easy to use and transport, this is a great pedal for any stage show.
  • The VP-10 is the standard must have of volume pedals. With two independent sets of inputs and outputs, you can connect any instrument or effect unit with stereo output to the VP-10. Control the volume of both channels simultaneously, making volume control easier and smoother. The tuner out function sends the output from Input-1 directly to your tuner without being affected by volume control. Make volume control easier with the VP-10.

Korg cases for any keyboard

Every keyboard needs a case for easy transportation and safe storage. Whether you prefer a hard case or a soft case, or somewhere in between, Korg has one that will fit your keyboard.

Korg has designed hard cases specifically for each of their different keyboards. The hard cases are lightweight and sturdy, featured with a cutting edge design. Easy to carry and store, these cases are excellent for stacking and will make transportation of your keyboard easy.

Korg’s dedicated soft cases are excellent for carrying. They are lightweight models that are very convenient. Equipped with a shoulder strap and casters for easy portability, there is also an additional pocket for stowing cables or sheet music. They come in a variety of colors and sizes to match the look and feel you are going for, while protecting your valuable keyboard.

There are other cases that are not necessarily specific to a particular keyboard. Simple carry bags that will fit a keyboard as well as other equipment are available. Korg also has easy to transport cases for the micro-MSG, minilogue, and MS20 mini, so anything you get from Korg has a nice and snug case.Korg accessories (2)

Korg stands for all keyboards and occasions

There is a stand that Korg makes that will work for your keyboard, for any occasion, including a jam session at home or a performance on stage. There are available stands for more than just keyboards as well.

  • Korg has a dedicated keyboard stand for the SV-1 vintage stage piano. It is perfect for performing with a stylish design that also harmonizes perfectly with the SV-1. It will show off the keyboard in all of its glory.
  • If you need a stand for your Wavedrum, Korg makes a dedicated drum and percussion stand for it. This dynamic percussion synthesizer will allow for a standing performance.
  • A stylish stand is also available for the B1. It is available in black or in white and places the B1 Digital Piano at a standard keyboard height for comfortable playing.
  • Perfect for the Havian 30 Digital Ensemble piano, the dedicated keyboard stand Korg makes places the piano at standard keyboard height for comfortable playing.
  • If you have the Stageman 80 speaker, or any other speaker for that matter, the ST-S80 speaker stand will work great. It is lightweight and adjustable. The adjustments make it easy to always to able to access the buttons and cater to a sitting or standing audience.

Other Korg accessories

The accessories Korg offers does not stop there. They have the JS-SB100 piano chair that has an adjustable height and is ideal for any electronic piano.

Also offered are the Pa Amplification System for PA3X 76 and 61 keys. This is a high fidelity speaker and amplification bar specifically designed to connect directly to the Pa3X. It is useful for home and on stage monitoring. There is no additional support, cables or power supply needed, it plugs right into the keyboard itself.

Korg also offers AC adapters and cables that you might need for your keyboards as well.

With all of the Korg accessories, you can get everything you need to make your music stand out all in one location. Just visit our website, and you will find everything right there. We also offer support for any technical issues, and to help you find the right keyboard and accessories for you.

Choose to shop online for Korg accessories. There are no better keyboards on earth.

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