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If you spend most of your time working on making smooth sounds, and great rhythms, one of the best tools you can get for yourself is a quality keyboard. Korg keyboards are some of the best on the market, and can take your music to the next level. Korg piano keyboards have a wide variety of options that will be able to suit anyone’s musical needs. Korg keyboards have awesome reviews by consumers who have grown to love this brand of keyboards.

one of the best tools you can get for yourself is a quality keyboard.

Korg keyboard reviews of popular keyboards:

The world of keyboards has grown greatly, along with the accompanying technology. Korg actually have different categories of keyboards and synthesizers offering various features, cost, and quality. Here are the categories of keyboards that Korg offers:

  • Music workstations
  • Synthesizers and keyboards
  • Professional arraigners
  • Analog modeling synthesizers
  • Dynamic phrase synthesizers
  • Software synthesizers
  • iOS applications

With such a wide variety of Korg keyboard review options, whether you are a beginner or a skilled expert, there is a level of Korg piano keyboards for you.

So now, that you see that you have so many options with Korg keyboards, let us take a look at a few of the options within these categories on a more detailed basis, and see what consumers have said through Korg keyboard reviews.

The Korg microSAMPLER Sampling Keyboard

The Korg microSAMPLER Sampling KeyboardThis Korg piano keyboard gives you the following options:

  • delivers multi-mode sampling
  • resampling
  • patter sequencing
  • over the top effects

But this keyboard is more than just a sampler. It allows you to create a complete sound design. It is a whole studio in one simple unit. It offers high end sampling features that will expand your creative potential.


The features include:

Korg New Music

  • 14 voice polyphony
  • reverse playback
  • editing operations such as normalize and truncate
  • time stretch feature where you can change the tempo without affecting the pitch

This Korg keyboard for sale is easy to use and is great for those just starting out, or for those who have been in the game for years. So, what do consumers say in Korg keyboard reviews?

  • The keyboard setup option is excellent.
  • It is a small keyboard, and as a sampler it can be taken anywhere easily.
  • It has a built-in microphone, unlike most other sampling keyboards.
  • There is no ADSR envelope.
  • There is no loop start or end points.

The Korg KROSS 61 – Key Mobile Workstation

This is an affordable Korg keyboard for sale that is quality for the price. Here are the basic features:The Korg KROSS 61 – Key Mobile Workstation

  • A wide variety of sounds utilizing twice as much PCM memory as previous versions of the workstation.
  • Is a stylish and distinctive lightweight two-tone color design that can be powered by six AA batteries, so it is easily portable.
  • Contains a pro-quality EDS-I sound engine, with a total of seven effects available for simultaneous use.
  • Offers quick layer and split functions for on the fly versatility.
  • The step sequencer is inherited from the Electribe, a sixteen track MIDI sequencer, drum track and an arpeggiator.
  • Equipped with a sound selector to make is easy to find the sound that you want, and a favorites function so you can save sixty four selected sounds.

Basically, this Korg piano keyboard is a great, portable keyboard that has everything you need. So what do the Korg keyboard reviews say?

  • It replaces the need of a separate drum machine.
  • The keyboard may be light, but it is constructed well.
  • There are so many features, you will always have something new to discover.
  • Wrapping the adaptor’s cord to the prong on the back of the keyboard fits too tightly and may break the cable.
  • It has no built in speakers. There is an audio plug in the front for headphones, but the back output seems to use two mono plugs.

The Korg nanoKEY2 Slim-Line USB Keyboard

Korg Midi Keyboards

Looking for an easy, portable, low cost keyboard? This is a great option. This Korg keyboard is low profile, with twenty five keys. It is a USB-MIDI keyboard which is ideal for use with laptop or netbook computers. Korg also has IOS compatible programs but the keyboard works well with many computer programs including Logic Pro X and ProTools 11.  This advanced design keyboard offers improved accuracy and velocity sensitive keys.

So what do the Korg keyboard reviews say?

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  • The construction, build and design of the nanoKEY2 are of high quality.
  • The added transport functions are great, including the solo/mute/record arm buttons and the transport buttons.
  • They keyboard has superfast action and the lights on the octave keys are a big plus.
  • They keys are like laptop keys so you will not be doing superfast keyboard runs without some awkwardness.
  • Some have experienced the knobs falling off.

The Korg X50 61-Key Music Synthesizer Keyboard

The last Korg keyboard review we will look at is the Korg X50 61-Key Music Synthesizer Keyboard. Here is the basic description of this Korg keyboard Amazon:The Korg X50 61-Key Music Synthesizer Keyboard

  • 61 velocity sensing synth action keys, Pitch Bend and Mod Wheels
  • Dual Poly arpeggiators and on-board multi-effects provide performance enhancement
  • 512 single programs, 384 eight-part Combis, and 128 sixteen-part Multis
  • Stereo outs, individual outs, dedicated USB/MIDI port, and a MIDI In/Out for added flexibility
  • Lightweight and compact unit with integrated metal handles for additional strength

This is one of the best rated keyboards on Amazon, with almost a full five star rating. Basically, for its price and amazing capabilities, it might be the best available option out there. Here is what the Korg keyboard reviews have said:

  • The sound is of high quality.
  • The lightweight makes it easy to transport, and is perfect for recording in house.
  • For the price range, it has a lot of range in dynamics when playing.
  • The drum samples seem endless and the pre-recorded drum tracks are modern.
  • This keyboard is not as customizable as the more expensive options.
  • What is missing is an onboard sequencer or memory to expand the features, sound patches, etc., and a ¼” stereo output for headphones.

These are just the tip of the iceberg as to the Korg keyboards for sale. For best sound effect, choose Korg Kronos keyboards. You will just love it!!

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