The Best and Cheapest Korg Keyboards

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Do you know how much the cheapest Korg keyboards cost? From as little as $39.00 you can get an amazing keyboard that will keep you on the music platform for as long as you wish. Ever since the first Korg keyboards were released into the market, there have been endless options, configurations, and the choices that are offered with modern technology today. From the first generation to the most recent, Korg has worked to wow music fans with amazing music. You will get a chance to enjoy music at the most affordable price there is. Here are a few keyboards that one can get at the cheapest price possible.

Korg microKEY25 USB MIDI keyboard black

Korg microKEY25 is one of the cheapest Korg keyboards available. It costs $74.99; a very low price range for most Korg keyboards. Very affordable, very sleek, very portable and at the same time has just the right features you may be looking for in a keyboard.

This model has featured excellent portability which in turn allows you to enjoy playing and even producing music anywhere any time and with great feeling at your own comfort. Some of the features embedded in this keyboard are the expressive joystick which provides simultaneous control of multiple parameters at the same time. There is also an inbuilt tempo-synced arpeggiator function.

It has been designed with the ability to power it directly from your iPad via the camera connection kit so that you can control apps such as Korg’s iMS-20 that are MIDI-capable. Every Korg keyboard always gets a chance to access the Korg Software which is free with good internet connection. It is the download that comes with them that draws this opportunity. With this model you get a free download code for Korg software which in turn gives you all the pre-set sounds and the PCM waveforms of the original M1 as well as a browser which makes it a lot easier for you to actually get that perfect sound that you are hoping for.

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If you are thinking about the licenses that come along with it, then there are quite a few like the Applied Acoustic Systems’ Strum Acoustic Session, Ultra Analog Session, Lounge Lizard Session and the licenses for Toontrack’s software.

With this model you get a chance to explore music in the way you hoped you would; any place, any time. If you are looking for one of the cheapest Korg keyboards that has maintained its portability aspect then Korg microKEY25 is the right one for you.

Korg microKEY2 37-key keyboard

With its refreshing new look, and compact style, microKEY2 has proved to be very convenient and versatile. The design is uncomplicated, straight forward with compact size and easy connectivity. It is an ideal choice for first timers and experienced players as well. It suits you whether you are playing in the studio or creating on the go. It will definitely give you what you need. With a price of $99.99 per keyboard, this model is definitely an affordable model of its kind in terms of features. It is Natural Touch mini keyboard which ensures it maintains playability while remaining compact and at the same time makes it easier for one to play the chords or even rapid phrases.

Its compatibility with iPad and iPhone is an added advantage to it. It is also USB powered which makes it easier for one to connect to Mac or even Windows. There is no need to install a drive in order for you to make your connection, all you do is connect it to your computer and the rest is sorted. This will give you access to many Korg apps such as KORG Gadget, KORG module and Garage Band as well.

With this model you can enjoy full control functionality since this model provides an assignable switch jack that helps you connect a damper pedal. The music software that comes with it is of serious collection. This includes popular edition of the Korg Gadget and Korg Module together with the Korg Legacy Collection that offers five classic Korg instruments as plug-in. There is actually no need to purchase any software online since they have already been paid for. This model is an affordable way to start creating your music instantly, at your own comfort without any worry. It suits you like you hoped any keyboard would.

Korg Nano Key Keyboard Slim Nanokey-BK – the cheapest Korg Keyboards

This model is an all-in-one keyboard that delivers inspiration. It is a mobile MIDI and it connects via USB or even wirelessly. It provides a keyboard with knobs, trigger pads and even touch pads that allow you to immediately convert your inspiration into sound. It is battery operated and its connectivity is wireless to iPhone or even iPad or even Mac or Windows. It is very compact and mobile. You can easily carry it around whenever you please which in turn allows you to have ample time when creating your music. It is possible to do it at your own comfort.

This model suits not only the skilled but the non-skilled keyboard player. It has 25 velocity-sensitive keys that allow to step-record easily. It has a Scale Guide function that illuminates the keys the recommended notes in the scale, which makes it easier for you to play. This is a smart keyboard which has a variety of performance models like the Easy Scale function, which allows you to produce musical phrases using any keys.

NANO KEY is smaller than a sheet of letter-sized paper. This makes it easier for you to put it in your bag and carry it anywhere. It is very simple, stylish, refined together with the beautiful lighting with white LEDs. You will never get tired of using it every day. Its modern design makes it ideal for one to use with any of the new devices such as your tablet, laptop, or even smart phone. This keyboard is only $39.00. It is one of the cheapest Korg Keyboards and very portable. With its amazing features, it is indeed a sure win, if you are looking for a keyboard to carry around any day any time.

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