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Why should you buy Korg keyboard? The name Korg is always associated with the revolution of sound and music. Basically the originators of the synthesizer, the Korg Company constantly keeps its keyboard and pianos on the edge of innovation and creation. But the Korg Company is more than just the science of sound and music. They help take you and your music to the next level, constantly pushing you to further reinvent yourself and think outside of the box. Another advantage is that they offer new sounds to add to their already highly equipped keyboards and pianos sobuy Korg Keyboard that you can mix new sounds no one has ever heard before. They offer features that go beyond simply hitting a key. If you are an Arranger, they have an extensive amount of information just for you so you can get the most use out of their extraordinary products.

Reasons to buy Korg Keyboard


Whether you are a beginner or amateur musician, or a professional playing the big stages, Korg offers simple tutorials on how to use their high tech programs to get the most out of your Korg keyboard purchase. The tutorials they offer include:

  1. How to customize a style bank
  2. Creating a new drum kit
  3. How to program an FX as insert
  4. SongBook Editor frequent operations
  5. Import/Export of Standard MIDI separated by Markers
  6. STS, Performance, and Style Performance
  7. Using SongBook+ for iPad with the Pa-Series instruments
  8. Using MobileSheetsPro for Android with the Pa-Series instruments
  9. How to create TXT files with Extended Text Support
  10. SongBook and SongBook Editor video tutorial

buy-korg-keyboard-3These are all free tutorials that Korg has available on their website. They want you to be knowledgeable in their software and other products because they believe in you and your music.

Bonus ware

Korg offers additional software programs and sounds in addition to what comes with your keyboard or piano. There are two different types – shareware and freeware. The shareware is software you can try for a limited time, and then be asked to pay the fee. The free ware is totally free, and you can distribute them both provided you do not alter the original package and use it for monetary gain. The types of bonus ware offered include:

  • Fifty five different styles
  • Three different performances
  • Eleven programs or sounds
  • Three computer tools
  • Two tablet tools

Also available on the Korg website, they are always there to support you as an arranger and all the hard work you put into your music.

Global Sound & Style Shop

Looking for a new sound to add to your keyboard’s collection? Try Korg’s global sound and style shop. There they have various music sampling packages for sale that you can use to kick up that sound to a higher level. The categories of sound include:buy-korg-keyboard

  1. Country: i.e. US 60s Country, Cool Country
  2. Classic pop: i.e. HBreak Shuffle, Southern Rock
  3. Modern pop: i.e. Indie Pop, Close to Love
  4. R & B: i.e. Last Ballad, US 60s Soul
  5. Persian: i.e. Pa600 Persian Collection, Persian Sounds USB
  6. Mexican: i.e. Mexican and South American Styles
  7. Peruvian: i.e. Peruvian Sounds and Styles
  8. German: i.e. Pa600 German Collection, Pa900 German Collection
  9. Indian: i.e. Pa600 Indian Collection, Pa900 Indian Collection

With these new sounds added to your keyboard’s already eclectic sounds, you can bring the world over into your arrangements.

Korg Professional Arrangers

If you are looking now not for the bonus material, but the tried and true heart of Korg, then you want to look at their wide variety of professional arranger keyboard. Korg is always about pushing the envelope when it comes to keyboard, and the professional arrangers are no different. With stunning sound quality, and the ability to contain so much information, you will not need to look anywhere else for an excellent arranger. Provided here are just a few of the amazing machines that Korg has created to bring your music to the masses.korg-x50-keyboard

  • The Pa4X Professional Arranger – This arranger is more than just a keyboard. It will be your backup band, your accompanist, your musical director, your soundman, effects engineer, and background singers. You will never need any other keyboard than this. The Pa4X is ideal for composing, recording, and combo use. This keyboard offers improved sound quality and expressiveness. It is available in two models, the 76 key or 61 key, both equipped with a seven inch capacitive TouchView display. It is filled with 1,500 sounds, editing functions, complete sample recording and editing features and much more.
  • Liverpool Professional Arranger – This unique professional arranger keyboard is unlike any other. It is full of one hundred classic songs from John Lennon and Paul McCartney. Splattered with the British flag, this keyboard will have you travel back in time to the 1960s and experience all of the epic music. It automatically provides you with an accompaniment that matches the feel of the original songs. Some of the features of the Liverpool include: ‘styles,’ a built-in interactive backing generator; additional styles; bold panel design; high quality sounds that you can also use live; built-in speakers with a compact size and light weight for convenient portability; and SD card slot and downloadable bonus styles. If you want to bring a unique style to your music, or just have a bit of fun, the Liverpool is the way to go.
  • Havian 30 Digital Ensemble Piano – This beautiful sounding keyboard provides classic grand, upright and electric piano sounds. It is also full of a collection of additional musical instrument sounds, all in a compact and stylish cabinet. You will most certainly enjoy using this arranger piano. Features of this arranger include damper resonance including classical, pop, jazz and rock versions; a great European hammer-action feel; a five inch color TouchView display, and MIDI or MP3 play and record. For a classic sound, this keyboard is the way to go.

Whether you are an arranger, or an artist, or someone who just loves to play music, any of these Korg keyboard would work for you. Just go ahead and buy Korg Keyboard, you will be glad you made the right choice.

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